An Estimate For a Walk-in Bathtub in Ventura

An old-fashioned bathtub is fine for lots of people, but it’s not suitable for everyone.

Maybe replacing that old one with a walk-in model might be something to consider.

Expert Bathtub Installers Have Advice on this Topic

The bathroom is generally one of the smallest areas in the home, but it is also the most unsafe.

Climbing out of, or stepping into, a shower or tub can lead to a slip and fall. It’s not hard to do.

The majority of household slips occur in the bathroom. In fact, 80% of household falls happen there.

A person could prevent most of those accidents from happening by replacing their shower or tub.

Homeowners Enjoy Piece of Mind With a New Tub or Shower

The latest walk-in showers and tubs are dependable, safe, therapeutic and worry free.

But the most critical benefit with these models is they are safer to use than a traditional one.

Not Able to Use Your Current Tub? Replace It

A tub does not do you any good if you can’t feel safe using it.

If this describes your situation, you might investigate updating your traditional tub with one you will feel safe using.

What Makes These Models Different?

Saying goodbye to the older tub and putting in the new one The biggest advantage of these tubs is they let the user to merely walk in and out.

You can easily get in and out of these tubs because they can use the handy access door to easily enter and exit.

The low bottoms on these doors permits the user to go in or out without having to lift up and swing their legs and feet over a high tub wall.

These sturdy doors have leak-proof sealing which keep all the water inside the tub. There are no leaks.

There are built in hand railings to grab onto as you get in or get out. The seat is built in and the water settings are easy to reach.

Many models have a fast draining system to speed up how fast the water is drained out when the bath is over.

These models come in different sizes. Measuring accurately is important to make sure yours fits your space.

Some manufacturers have additional trim kits which you can add that may give your system a better, more finished look.

Who is the Typical Buyer?

Most people who own these are doing so because they have a hard time with a traditional tub.

Folks who are older or who are not able to climb into a regular tub are the chief users.

These types of tubs make bathing easier for almost anybody.

Find Someone You Can Speak With

You could get some terrific info right over the phone. Find out what your options are.

It is possible that using one of these showers or tubs would benefit you. If you think the basic idea sounds interesting, it’s possible to pursue the idea.

Some Reasons Why Folks Put in a Walk In Tub or Shower

  • They may offer comforting relief from aches and pains
  • They’re so much easier to use than a traditional one
  • For some people, it’s the only way they can bathe at home
  • They provide either a longer relaxed soak or merely a quick bath
  • It takes away the concern for someone slipping in the tub or shower

Why Are These Designs Safer to Own and Use?

High walls keep the user from falling out of the bath and to the floor.

The floors are textured to stop slips.

They have nice textured seats.

They come with a safety element to stop the water from reaching too high a temperature.

They have a simple to use door that removes the need to struggle into a tub.

They always have handy railings put in right where you need them to be.

No delicate shower door is used with this design.

Are There Accessories and Add-Ons?

Even the base styles provide you with all the safety components, but higher end models may come with additional attributes which may include these:

  • Flexible shower sprayers for additional versatility.
  • Water jets or air jets supply hydrotherapy or by moving the water around in a massaging way.
  • Power drain units push out the water quick when you’re getting close to the finish of your bath.
  • Wall surrounds add more enclosure height for a shower option.
  • Warmers to keep the water the perfect temperature.
  • A heated seat or back rest enables for extended soaking.

Ventura Walk-In Tub and Shower Combination

There are walk-in showers which may work better for your situation. Or possibly a unit which is a combination of the two.

A low entry shower has benefits that a regular shower does not have.

These showers don’t have swinging or sliding doors to worry about. You just walk right in.

The floor is all slip-resistant. You will have someplace to sit and grab bars to hang onto if you need to.

Ventura Walk-In Tub Cost Quote

Once you and your installer decide on which brand you want to put in, you will know your exact closing cost before any work is begun.

There are a number of designs and brands available, each one with different prices and options.

Warranties, however, are fairly standard. Many of the key parts include a limited lifetime warranty.

There are different brands and styles to choose from, but, most likely, they all won’t work in your bathroom.

The specialist who comes to visit your home will understand what you need and which designs would work best for you.

You can call and be given a free and no-pressure estimate on the phone.

An in-home visit is generally advised, however, to make sure that you are considering the correct system and size for your home.

What is the Procedure for Replacing an Old Tub?

Your installer and his staff will take care of the whole operation, from beginning to end.

Your specialist will bring you the new model, detach and haul out your old one (if that is what you want), connect the new one, test it to make certain it’s working perfect, and then tidy up the whole work area.

When your installation work is finished, you’re going to be left with a brand new tub or shower you will be able to use for years.

Talk To a Top-Rated Bathtub Installer Near You

Got questions or concerns? You can have many questions addressed with a short call.

If you feel getting one of these tubs sounds like a pretty good idea, the next step is to set up a brief at-home visit.

A phone call will let you know whether or not this is a plan you want to pursue. You can learn quick.

They will gladly drive over for a friendly and relaxed in-home consultation.

There is never any obligation on your part.

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