Would a Walk-In Tub at Your Vancouver Home Make Things Easier?

If an old fashioned tub isn’t convenient to use any longer – you can take steps to improve it.

Maybe replacing that old one with a walk in model might be a good idea to consider.

There Are Southwest Washington Tub Companies for Some Good Advice

The bathroom is normally one of the smallest rooms in the home, but it is also one of the most precarious.

Entering, exiting and moving around a shower or tub can lead to mishaps, especially for seniors.

No room in the house accounts for more accidents than the bathroom does. It’s not even close.

If you upgrade your shower or tub, you might prevent the majority of these types of accidents.

Walk In Bathtub Installation

The new step-in tubs and showers are simple to order and put in, enjoyable and simple to use, and preferred by many home buyers.

Plus they greatly reduce the occurrence of slips and falls.

If You Don’t Trust Using Your Original Tub or Shower – Get a Different One

If you aren’t using your tub because you’re too concerned you might slip or fall, you do have a choice.

If you can’t use your current one, you might as well investigate replacing it with one you will use.

How Does a Walk-In Bathtub Work?

Older unit is going out and a new one being hooked upThe primary reason why individuals prefer these models is the user can easily walk into them.

You don’t have to climb into them.

There is always a good-sized door the user enters the tub through.

This low door generally swings inward.

Nearly all users find these doors to be far easier than climbing into an old-fashioned tub.

The key reason why these models work is the door contains a watertight seal on it.

Once it closes and the water level rises, no water leaks out the door.

Each model has got a seating area.

Plus there are useful assistance rails to grab onto while getting in or stepping out.

Accessories and options are available too.

Modern models usually have much quicker water draining in order to get out of the tub as soon as the bath is over.

Companies make various sizes so homeowners can select one that will fit their space perfectly.

Coordinating trim may be available to ensure your tub fits into and looks good in any bathroom space.

Who Is Purchasing These Anyway?

Most of the homeowners who purchase these units are older.

Some people have mobility troubles. Others put up with joint discomfort, weight or balance challenges.

But these systems can be for anyone who has difficulty using a regular shower or tub.

Learn What the Pros Know – Talk With a WA Specialist

You may call and discuss your house and whether this sounds like it might work for your home.

Most likely, there is a design out there that would work ideal for your situation. But maybe not.

Get some advice and some tips.

Reasons Why a New Walk-In Tub or Shower is a Good Idea

  • It takes away the worry for someone slipping and falling in the shower or tub
  • They’re easier to use than a traditional one
  • They can offer either a longer deep soak or just a fast bathing
  • They can provide comforting relief from soreness
  • For some people, it’s the only way they can bathe at home

Valuable Safety Features These Kinds of Models Have

They’ve got high sides to help keep the user standing and stop him or her from falling over.

The flooring is textured and no-slip.

They come with textured anti-slip seats so there is no sliding around.

They’ve got temperature shut off valves that stop scalding.

The door is big and low enough so no climbing is required to get in or out.

They have a couple handrails to hang onto.

They have eliminated the need for a glass or flimsy shower door.

What About The Handy Accessories and Options?

While even the most inexpensive designs include all the safety features, better styles usually have some optional features which some folks really like.

Here are six of those add-ons:

  • A heated seating area or backrest supports for extended soaking.
  • Heating units to keep the water warm.
  • Wall surrounds add additional height to allow for a tub and shower combination.
  • Flexible shower sprayers for added freedom.
  • Power drains remove the water quickly when you’re approaching the end of your bath.
  • Air jets or water jets provide hydrotherapy by moving the water around in a massaging way.

Vancouver Walk-In Tub and Shower Estimate

Maybe you don’t need a tub. Maybe you only need a user friendly shower.

If you prefer showers, but the average shower set up is too challenging to use, maybe a modified shower area would be the best route to go.

These models will not have a door. You just walk in.

They will have a chair for sitting on, easy to work controls, no slippery flooring and a built in safety railing to hang onto.

Price of a Walk In Tub Near Vancouver WA

You can get a quotation for putting in a new model.

And the number on the quote includes the complete job cost, from start to finish.

You may put in one of the nice base versions, or you may choose to choose a high-end type or one with increased features.

Even though there are numerous manufacturers from which to choose from, not all models suit all homeowners or the bathrooms they’ll be installed in.

You could call and receive a free and no-pressure quote on the phone.

An in-home visit is generally recommended, however, to make sure that you are considering the correct system for your home.

The Conventional Process for Installing a Bathtub

Your installer and his crew will handle the complete process, from beginning to end.

Your local installer will deliver the new unit to your place, take out your outdated unit, put in the new one, hook it up to your plumbing and be sure it’s operating perfect before they leave.

As soon as your new model is set up, you will be enjoying relaxing, safe baths or showers for a long time.

A Tub Installation Expert In Your Area of the City

If you’re thinking you may be suitable for one of these tubs or showers, you can talk about it with a local supplier who can have all the details.

Because there are quite a few sizes and options to choose from, you need to be sure you are buying one that is right for you and perfectly fits your space.

Your quick phone conversation will let you know whether or not this is something you want to pursue. You can learn more quick.

If you arrange an in-home meeting, know that you are under no obligation in any way.

It’s a purely informational visit.

Assisting Homeowners in These Areas

In-home visits are available around the downtown Vancouver and the 98660, 98665, 98663 and 98661 zip codes.

Visits are also available in most of the suburbs – Ellsworth, Countryside Woods, Five Corners, Fishers Landing, Harney Heights, Minnehaha, Lincoln, North Image, Oakbrook-Ogden and Vancouver Heights.


Find a Tub Installer Near You Serving These Areas:

  • Downtown Vancouver
  • The 98660, 98665, 98663 or 98661 zips

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