Walk-in Tub and Shower in Thousand Oaks

Is your existing bathtub becoming a little too hard to use?

Maybe it is finally time to make bath time easier.

Experienced Ventura County Bathtub Installers Have Tips for You

Because bathrooms combine slippery surfaces with water, those rooms are the most unsafe rooms in your house.

Getting into, exiting and moving around a tub or shower can lead to accidents, especially for seniors.

Most home slips take place in the bathroom. In fact, 80 percent of household falls happen there.

If you replace your shower or tub, you could prevent the majority of these kind of accidents.

Thousand Oaks Walk In Bathtub Installation

Modern walk-in showers and tubs are relaxing, convenient, simple and affordable.

But the major reason people install these models is how they reduce slips and falls.

If You Aren’t Using Your Current Tub – Get a Better One

It doesn’t make too much sense to keep an old tub which is too unsafe for you to use.

If you are able to, your best option may be to replace your existing tub or shower with a new model that you will use.

Just How Do These Tubs Work Anyway?

The installation work going full-steam ahead You already know the basics of these models. First, they all have a very low step-up to get into them.

A person can easily get into these tubs because you can use the swinging access door to enter and exit.

Each door is quite low to the floor, so nobody has to rest on one foot and lift and swing the other leg over a tub side.

The doors have durable leak-proof seals around them so no water ever spills out.

Every design has a built-in seating space that is close to the water controls. Railings are suitably placed for holding onto while you get in or out.

These tubs have quick draining capability, so the water will be emptied out before you want to open the door when bath time is finished.

The different units deviate in height, length and width. Different sizes are available to fit any size space or need.

The makers offer trim kits which help with appearance and making certain the tubs fit perfectly.

Who Benefits Most From These Tubs?

The most significant group of people who own these tubs are seniors who are still living in their homes. The second main group is people who have mobility challenges which prevent them getting into a regular tub.

But anyone who has trouble with using a traditional tub can enjoy these.

Speak With Someone Who Can Help

You can get some advice on the phone or set up a brief informational visit at some handy time if you’d like.

More than likely, there is a model out there that would work great for your situation. But maybe not. Get some advice and some tips.

A Few Reasons Why Homeowners Install These

  • They can offer soothing relief from aches and pains
  • They’re safer to use than an old fashioned one is
  • The likelihood for slipping and falling is practically removed
  • Lots of people just can’t use a conventional tub at all
  • They can offer either a longer full soak or merely a simple bathing

Here Are A Few of the Essential Safety Features

They come with high side walls. These walls stop anyone from falling out over them.

The surfaces are textured to prevent slipping.

They have textured anti-slip seats.

They have a gauge to prevent the water from becoming dangerously hot.

They come with an inward or outward swinging door for quick access.

They have practical handrails to provide support.

There’s no need for a shower door which could break.

What About Some Accessories and Options?

While even the most affordable designs come with all the safety components, nicer styles often come with some optional features which some folks really like. These are six of those options:

  • Heating elements to keep the water heated.
  • Handheld shower heads and sprayers for added freedom.
  • Jets produce hydrotherapy by moving the water around in a massaging way.
  • A heated seat or back rest helps for extended soaking.
  • Power drain units get rid of the water really fast when you’re getting close to the end of your bath.
  • Wall surrounds add more enclosure height for a standing shower option.

Thousand Oaks Walk-In Shower and Tub Combination

In addition to a tub, another solution could be a low shower or a tub and shower combination.

A step in shower eliminates a number of the problems that someone with reduced mobility may experience with a typical shower.

Along with simple entry and exit, it has a chair or bench option, non-slip floor, built in safety bars and easy to get water controls.

Price Estimate for a Walk In Bathtub Near Thousand Oaks CA

You will get an estimate for whatever variety of system you wish to install. And the exact final cost can be set before your unit is even delivered.

There will be no surprise in price at the end of the job.

Total costs including installation will vary between models for a couple of reasons.

The main factors in cost are model dimensions, general quality and warranty.

The normal homeowner won’t usually have a big preference about what maker he or she wants to buy.

Your installer has experience working on different models. He or she can offer some advice.

Quotes can be offered on the phone, but an in-home consultation can make sure you get the proper system for your space and can eliminate unpleasant surprises later on.

How is a New Bathtub Installed?

The one thing you need to do in this process is work together with your installer and choose which design you want to invest in.

After you accomplish that, your technician will deal with all the details and the work.

The technicians will bring over your new model, remove the older one, put the new one in place, make sure it’s running right, clean the whole area up, and then go haul away and recycle anything they took out.

After you have your brand new tub or shower in place, you will appreciate relaxing and safe baths for years to come.

A Bathtub Installation Professional Near Your Area of Ventura County

When you are ready to begin, talking with a helpful local bathtub dealer will get your questions resolved.

There are many options and choices to decide on, it’s best to just call and discuss them.

Once you call and have a discussion, you’ll know whether you wish to pursue this choice or not.

The home meetings are relaxed and friendly. They are pleased to come over and talk.

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