Could You Use a Walk In Tub at Your Tacoma House?

An old-fashioned bathtub is great for most people, but it’s not ideal for everyone.

Maybe modernizing to a walk in model might be a good idea.

Talk to a Western Washington Expert On Tubs and Showers

For being such a small area, bathrooms are the most dangerous room in the house.

The process of getting in and out of a shower or bath triggers a lot of accidents every day.

Accident data demonstrate that if you fall in the home, it will most likely be in the bathroom.

Too bad you have to keep on using the same old tub or shower. Oh, that’s right, you have a choice.

Why Homeowners Like Walk In Tubs and Showers

Current walk-in showers and tubs are relaxing, practical, simple and pretty affordable.

But the primary feature of these models is how they reduce the chances of slips and falls.

Don’t Trust Using Your Existing Tub or Shower? Get a New One

A tub does not do you much good if you don’t feel comfortable using it.

If you can, the best solution is to install a tub or shower you will actually feel secure getting into and using.

How a Walk In Tub Works

Specialist in the midst of a jobAs you most likely already know, these units feature a minimal step-up in order to get into them.

Most models have an inward opening door which you use to get in and out of. Outward-opening doors are offered as well.

The entry doors are low to the floor, so the bather does not have to climb over a tub side. You merely step in.

The reason why these models work is the door features a watertight seal on it. Once it’s closed and the water level rises, no water leaks out the door.

There is a built-in seat with access to the water handles. And there are bars to hang onto as you get in or out.

When the bath is over, these tubs have quick draining capabilities.

Suppliers provide models in different sizes, so homeowners have plenty of choices in size and options.

The makers offer trim kits which help with appearance and making sure the tubs fit perfectly.

Who is the Typical Buyer Here in Tacoma and Seattle?

The two main groups of folks who put in these units are individuals who have mobility troubles and seniors.

These kinds of tubs make bathing less difficult for nearly anybody.

Find Someone You Can Consult With

You may call and talk about your situation and decide whether this looks like it might work for you.

If it looks like you might benefit from having one of these, you could at least look into it a little further. Start a phone call or schedule a short at-home meeting.

Top Reasons Why People In Tacoma Install One of These Models

  • The chance for slips or falls is practically removed
  • They give you either a long relaxed soak or merely a quick bathing
  • Some individuals can’t use a regular tub at all
  • They give comforting relief from soreness
  • They’re so much easier to use than an older one is

Included Safety Features You Will Appreciate

They have tall side walls. These walls stop anyone from falling over them.

They have a non-slip floor.

They have anti-slip seats with a soft textured surface.

They come with an anti-scalding function which stops the water from getting too hot.

The swinging door is big and low enough so no climbing is needed to get in or out.

There are handy hand rails that help steady the user when getting in or out or standing up.

There is no fragile shower door to be concerned with.

You Can Include Accessories

Every model incorporates all of the required safety features.

But other types may offer options that you might really enjoy or even need. Several of the most requested options are the following:

  • Hand-held shower sprayers for added convenience.
  • A heated seat or backrest enables for longer and more comfortable soaking.
  • Wall surrounds add additional enclosure height to allow for a shower and tub combination.
  • Heating elements to keep the water the right temperature.
  • Water jets and air jets deliver aerotherapy or hydrotherapy by moving the water around in a massaging way.
  • Enhanced drain units remove the water quick when you’re at the end of your bath.

Tacoma Walk-In Shower and Tub Combination

An option other than a tub could be a shower or a walk in shower and tub combination.

If you prefer showers, but the normal shower set up is just too hard to use, maybe a realigned shower system would be the ideal route to go.

These models have done away with the need for a door, you just walk up to the shower.

The controls are placed conveniently, the shower head is adjustable in height and there is a seat to use if you want it.

Cost Estimate for a Walk-in Bathtub In Tacoma

You can get a quotation for installing a brand new model.

The number on the estimate includes the entire job cost, from start to finish.

There are a number of models and brands to choose from, each with different prices, features and warranties.

A better brand and design will often come with more options and last longer.

Having to choose from numerous makers and designs is hard. Your installer can recommend just the models that will work best for your space and your needs.

Then you can pick from those two or three alternatives.

Estimates could be offered over the phone, but an in-home visit can make sure you get the correct system for your space and it may eliminate any unpleasant surprise later on.

How Bathtub Replacement Works

Your part of this procedure is easy. Your specialist and his helpers are going to do all the physical work.

The one thing you have to do is pick out which model to put in.

Your installer will bring you the new unit, disconnect and haul out your old one (if that is what you need), hook up the new one, try it to make certain it’s working perfect, and then tidy up the entire area.

As those technicians drive off, you will have a terrific new tub or shower you can enjoy for a long time.

Talk With a Helpful and Affordable Bathtub Pro

So when you’re almost ready to take some action, you should speak with an experienced local supplier.

You can look at tub pictures on the Internet, but having a phone call or a brief home get together with a friendly local installer is the way to go.

Simply call for more info and set up an appointment if you want.

We would gladly come over for a friendly and casual in-home consultation.

There is never any obligation on your part at all.

Local Service Area

If you live in the general Tacoma area – just call.

Visits are scheduled around the Tacoma Dome area, Fife, Fife Heights, much of Pierce County and the zip codes of 98204, 98403, 98404, 98405, 98406 and 98422.

Appointments are available in all the suburbs and neighboring towns, such as Auburn, Federal Way, Lakewood, Kent, North End, Puyallup and South Tacoma.


Find a Tub Installer Near You in These Areas:

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  • All the suburbs and nearby towns

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