A New Walk In Tub for Your Sunnyvale Home

An old fashioned bathtub doesn’t work for everyone.

Maybe it’s finally time to make bath time easier and safer.

A Friendly Bathtub Installer Will Have Some Good Advice

Bathrooms shouldn’t be an unsafe area, but they are.

Getting into or out of a shower or tub may result in a slip and fall. For many people, a fall won’t add up to much; to other folks, it can be harmful results.

Close to 4 out of 5 of the falls that occur in the home take place in the bathroom.

Too bad there’s no effective solution to this problem. Oh, wait – there is.

Homeowners Northwest of San Jose Can Relax With a New Tub or Shower

A modern walk in shower or tub is safe, relaxing, convenient, and fairly affordable.

But people install these units to avoid slips and falls.

This is the major reason for their popularity.

Don’t Trust Using Your Old Tub or Shower? Get a New One

A tub does not do you much good if you can’t feel safe using it.

One solution is to exchange your old tub with a safer one you can actually use.

How a Walk-In Bathtub Works

Your fitter will do the entire job as quick as possible The main reason why these products are so popular is because they are simple to move into and get out of. You step in as opposed to climb in.

The explanation why an individual can just step into the tub is because of the swinging access door.

The user essentially enters through this door into the tub, instead of swinging their feet and legs over the side of a traditional tub.

The magic behind these doors are the water tight seals on them, which allows the water to fill up high without dripping out.

Almost every design has a handy seat and stability grab rails, along with an assortment of added features that vary by model and manufacturer.

Some early designs had difficulties with draining the water slow once the bath was over, but most new models have faster draining systems.

There are several sizes from which to choose. They will vary a little bit in width and length and even height. Measuring your space correctly could be important.

There are trim kits you can add which give your completed project a great appearance.

Who Is the Usual Buyer of One of These Units?

The most significant group of people who own these models are seniors who are still staying in their homes. The second biggest group is folks who have flexibility concerns which prevent them from getting into a regular tub.

But these units can also be for anyone who has trouble using a conventional shower or tub.

A Local Installer Could Give You Some Tips

Discover what your options are and set up a visit if you want to.

If this seems like something which may work for you, reserve a couple of minutes for a telephone call to investigate it a little bit further.

Five Reasons Why These Tubs and Showers Are a Good Choice

  • They will offer relaxing relief from soreness
  • They are easier to use than an old fashioned one
  • The chance of slips or falls is practically eliminated
  • Lots of people can’t use a conventional tub at all
  • They can offer either a long full soak or just a simple bathing

Why These Models Are More Reliable Than a Regular Tub

They have high sides to keep the bather upright and prevent him or her from falling out.

The floor is textured to get rid of slipping and falling.

They come with an integrated seat that keeps the user seated straight up.

They have an anti-scalding feature which stops the water from getting way too hot.

They come with a watertight swinging access door for simple entry.

They’ve got stability handrails at the ideal areas.

There is no need for a shower door that might break.

There Are Add-Ons You Can Add Too

A lower priced model will arrive with all the safety elements, but a better version will contain functions to help make the bath even better. Some of these elements include:

  • A heated seating area or backrest help for extended soaking.
  • Heaters to keep the water warm.
  • Wall surrounds add more height for a tub and shower combination.
  • Handheld shower sprayers and shower heads for added freedom.
  • Power drain units push out the water fast when you are getting close to the end of your bath.
  • Water jets or air jets supply hydrotherapy by moving the water around in a massaging manner.

Walk-In Shower and Tub Combination Installer Near Sunnyvale

Instead of a tub, you might choose a walk in shower, or a shower and tub combo.

A walk in shower enclosure which is simpler to use than a typical shower might be a sensible choice.

These models won’t have a door. You simply walk right in.

They will have a bench for sitting on, easy to grasp water controls, no-slip flooring and a built in safety rail to hang on to.

Let’s Discuss the Cost – Walk-In Bathtub Prices Near Sunnyvale

It’s easy to get an estimate for the home.

Once you have determined which design would be the right one to install, you can get an estimate which will include all the work, the parts, the labor, all of it.

There are numerous styles, designs and brands to choose between.

Each one has a unique cost and comes with different features.

The normal homeowner won’t usually have a big preference about what maker he or she wants.

Your installer has experience working on different types. He or she can provide some advice.

Even though some information may be given on the phone, it’s best if a trained specialist can visit your home and check out the area where your new tub will go and be sure you get a unit which is best suited to you and your space.

Having Your Tub Replaced

Your installer and his shop will take care of the entire process, from beginning to end.

The technicians will get the product you wanted, truck it to your home, disconnect and remove your old one, put your new one in position, hook it up and test it. The last two things they do will be to pick up after themselves and recycle your old unit.

Once that new tub is set up, you will start enjoying comforting, safe baths or showers for years to come.

A Northwest San Jose Area Installer to Get Advice From

So you might have a question or two. You could speak with a friendly local tub installer who probably has some good advice.

Because there are so many various sizes and alternatives to pick from, it’s better to have a local pro narrow the list down for you.

Then you can decide on the one you want.

Make a call for more details and set up a brief meeting if you feel comfortable.

If you arrange an in-home meeting, know that you are under no obligation in the least.

It is a purely informational visit.

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