An Estimate For a Walk-in Tub in Simi Valley CA

Is your traditional bathtub just too hard to use? Worried about slipping and falling?

You could upgrade to a newer, safer step-in tub.

A Ventura County Bathtub Installer Will Give You Some Good Advice

A bathroom can be a risky place. It brings together water with hard, slippery floors.

Slips and falls are common for homeowners going into or getting out of a tub or shower. Particularly for individuals who have a little flexibility difficulty.

The majority of the accidents that occur in the home occur in the bathroom. It’s the worst room in the house.

One of the best means to prevent these falls is to replace your outdated tub or shower.

Why SoCal Homeowners Like Walk In Tubs and Showers

Any of these brand-new models provides some nice benefits.

They are safe and easy to use, and they can end up being a good investment.

But the main reason people buy these models is because they prevent slips and falls.

Get Rid of Your Old Tub Which You Can’t Use Anyway

It doesn’t make much sense to hang onto an old tub that is too risky for you to use.

The best solution is to exchange your old tub with one you can actually use.

Why a Walk-In Tub?

The install process takes a few hours to finish You already know the basics of these models. First, they come with a really low step to get into them.

Each of these units comes with an access door. On the majority of models, these doors swing in; outward swinging doors can be found too.

A user merely swings the door open and walks in. There’s no need to lift a leg high in the air to climb over a high tub wall.

These doors have amazing seals on them, which keeps the water within the tub once after it’s filled.

Each version has a built-in seat and some support rails to hang on to when getting in and out. There are also additional options available too.

When bath time concludes, most of today’s improved designs have a way to drain the water faster than older models did.

There are several sizes from which to choose. They will vary slightly in width and length and even height. Measuring your bathroom space accurately might be critical.

Coordinating trim is available to make sure your unit fits into and looks good in your bathroom space.

Who Benefits From These Tubs?

If you’re young and flexible, you will likely not be looking at this page. These units are for individuals with mobility, balance or joint concerns.

But anyone who has trouble with using a conventional tub could enjoy these.

Learn What the Pros Know – Speak To a CA Installer

These types of models have proved helpful for plenty of other folks. Perhaps they might work for you too.

It’s possible one of these models would work out perfect for your situation. With a phone call, you can find out for sure.

Major Reasons Homeowners Put These In

  • They are so much easier to use than an older one
  • They deliver either a long relaxed soak or just a simple bath
  • They may provide relaxing relief from aches and pains
  • The possibility for slips or falls is virtually eliminated
  • Some folks can’t use a regular tub or shower at all

Significant Safety Features These Designs Have

The sides are high to keep the bather from falling out.

The flooring is textured and no-slip.

The seating area is adequately textured to stop sliding around.

They have a system to prevent the water from attaining hot scalding points.

They have a water tight swinging door for easy entry.

They have stability railings at all the necessary spots.

There is no need for a moving shower door that can possibly break if you grab onto it.

Accessories and Options You Could Think About

Each model includes all of the important safety features. But some designs may include options you might really like or even need. Several of the most requested options are the following:

  • Enhanced drain units remove the water quickly when you are getting close to the end of your bath.
  • Wall surrounds add additional enclosure height to allow for a shower and tub combination.
  • Heating elements for keeping the water the ideal temperature.
  • A heated seat or back rest allows for extended soaking.
  • Water jets produce hydrotherapy by moving the water around in a soothing manner.
  • Moveable shower sprayers and shower heads for additional freedom.

Simi Valley Walk In Shower Prices

A related solution is a low entry shower or a walk-in shower and tub combination.

A shower you can simply walk or roll into might be the best answer to your specific situation.

Besides simple exit and entry, it will have a seat or bench option, anti-slip flooring, grab bars and easy to get on and off controls.

Price of a Walk In Tub Install in Simi Valley

You can receive a quote for whatever kind of system you wish to put in. And the exact final cost can be set before any actual work is begun.

There won’t be any surprise on price at the conclusion of the project.

Products from various producers may vary in price because of differences in quality, dimensions, warranty and anticipated life.

While there are a variety of different manufacturers and models to look at, the size of your bathroom will narrow that list down somewhat.

Standard information and basic quotes can be given over the phone, but an in-home visit is usually the safest route to take.

What is the Process for Replacing an Old Bathtub?

Your installer and his crew will take care of the whole operation, from beginning to end.

Your local installer will bring the new unit to your home, remove your previous unit, install the new one, connect it to your plumbing and be sure it’s operating great before he leaves.

As your installer drives away, you will be left with a new awesome tub you will really enjoy.

A Friendly Professional In Your Ventura County Community

So when you’re ready to take a little action, you should speak with a knowledgeable local supplier.

The safest approach is to schedule a short in-home estimate to measure your space and determine your needs and wants.

You could call and speak with someone or you could set up an informative in-home meeting.

There is no commitment whatsoever during a home consultation.

You will be left with some great information and some reliable advice.

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