Upgrade to a Walk-In Tub In Seattle

If an old fashioned tub isn’t working for you any longer – you could take steps to improve it.

If your old bathtub isn’t as easy to use as it once was, you can do something about it.

A Friendly King County Bathtub Installer Will Have Some Pretty Good Advice

Because bathrooms blend smooth surfaces with water, they are the most dangerous room in the home.

Entering into or coming out of a shower or bath results in quite a few slips and falls.

More accidents happen in the bathroom than they do in the entire rest of the house combined.

You could choose to keep your existing tub or to exchange it with a less dangerous model.

Walk In Showers and Tubs Reduce These Difficulties

A modern walk-in shower or tub is safe, enjoyable, accessible, and relatively affordable.

But the main reason why folks get these is they decrease slips and falls.

If You Don’t Trust Using Your Existing Tub – Get a Different One

It doesn’t make any sense to keep an old tub which is too hazardous for you to use.

If you are able to, the best resolution should be to upgrade your existing shower or tub with a new model that you can actually use.

What Makes These Models Different?

Tub removal and replacing has startedYou most likely know about these tubs. Their key characteristic is the short threshold which makes it easier to get in and out of them.

They have a simple to use access door which is just inches above the floor. In most models, that door swings in.

The low threshold on these doors permits the user to go in or out without having to lift up and swing their feet and legs over a high tub wall.

These doors are stable and have water tight seals around them so that when they close, no water can leak out.

There is a built in seat with easy access to the water settings. There are bars to grasp onto as you get in or out.

Modern models often have much quicker drains in order to walk out of the tub the moment the bath is over.

Versions will differ length, width and height. Measuring is critical in order to get one which exactly fits your space.

Coordinating trim may be available to make sure your unit fits into and looks good in your bathroom space.

What Type of Washington Homeowner is Purchasing These?

If you’re younger and flexible, you will likely not be looking at this page.

These units are mostly for individuals with mobility, balance or joint challenges.

But these units can be for anybody who has difficulty getting in or out of a traditional shower or tub.

Find Someone You Can Speak With

Find out about what your options are and set up a visit if you want to.

It’s likely that one of these designs would work out really great for your situation. With a phone call, you can find out for sure.

Why Local Homeowners Are Installing These

  • They will provide either a longer deep soak or merely a simple bathing
  • Lots of people can’t use a conventional tub or shower at all
  • They are safer to use than an older one
  • They can offer comforting relief from joint pain
  • The risk of slipping and falling is pretty much removed

Why These Units Are More Reliable Than a Traditional Tub

Unlike a traditional tub, they’ve got taller walls which prevent falling out.

The floor is textured to eliminate slipping.

They have an integrated seat that keeps the bather seated up without sliding around.

They have a procedure to prevent the water from attaining scalding levels.

They have a low-threshold door to make getting in and out effortless.

They come with safety handrails at all the needed spots.

There is no breakable swinging or sliding shower door to worry about.

What About Some Accessories and Options?

All models have the essential safety elements, but some better designs come with extra features which can make bathtime more enjoyable. A few of these upgrades include:

  • Wall surrounds add additional enclosure height for a shower option.
  • Heaters for keeping the water the perfect temperature.
  • Hand held shower sprayers and shower heads for added flexibility.
  • Air jets or water jets produce therapy by moving the water around in a massaging manner.
  • A heated seating area or backrest helps for extended soaking.
  • Power drain units push out the water at high speeds when you’re at the end of your bath.

Seattle Walk In Shower Prices

You could decide that a walk-in shower is the best solution for your house.

A low entry handicap shower has a couple of handy features a standard shower doesn’t have.

A step in shower is easy to walk or roll into, will have a chair for sitting, has no-slip floors, built-in safety railings and handy water handles.

Cost Estimate for a Walk In Bathtub Near Seattle

As soon as you choose which model to put in, you will know the entire cost before the project is started. No surprises.

Total costs including installation will be different between models for a couple of reasons.

The primary components in cost are model size, general quality and warranty.

Although there are various manufacturers from which to choose from, not all models are suited to all homeowners or the bathrooms they will be installed in.

General prices may be given on the phone, but it’s important to set up an in-home meeting to ensure you are considering the right model for you and one that will fit your space.

How Does a Bathtub Replacement Work?

The only thing you have to do in this process is work together with your specialist and choose which design you would like to invest in.

Once you accomplish that, your specialist will deal with all the details and the work.

Your technician will deliver the new unit, disconnect and haul out your old one (if that’s what you want), hook up the new one, test it to make sure it’s running perfect, and then pick up and clean up the whole area.

When those technicians drive off afterwards, you will have a great new shower or tub you can enjoy for years to come.

Talk With a Friendly and Affordable Downtown Seattle Bathtub Pro

When you are ready to get started, talking with a friendly local bathtub dealer will get your questions answered.

Because there are so many various sizes and brands to choose from, it’s usually best to have a pro reduce the list down for you.

Then it’s easier to choose the final one you want.

Just call to get more information or to look at planning an appointment.

If you schedule an in-home visit, understand that you are under no obligation whatsoever.

It’s a solely informational visit.

The Local Service Area

In-home consultations can be reserved for homeowners in downtown Seattle, Belltown, The International District, First Hill, South Lake Union, Pioneer Square and the downtown zip code areas of 98121, 98109, 98104 and 98101.

Consultations are also available in most of the western King County suburbs of Ballard, Beacon Hill, Burien, Capitol Hill, Central District, Fremont, Greenwood, Edmonds, Highland Park, Industrial District, Lake City, Magnolia, Mountlake Terrace, Mukilteo, Northgate, Queen Anne, SeaTac, Tukwila, Shoreline, The University District and West Seattle.


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  • Most of the Western King County suburbs

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