Upgrade to a Walk In Bathtub in Santa Clara

An old fashioned tub is built for most people, but it’s not ideal for everyone.

Why don’t you upgrade to a walk in tub?

Maybe a Bathtub Installer North of San Jose Can Give Some Advice

For being such a small area, bathrooms are the most hazardous room in the home.

Getting into or out of a conventional shower or tub can lead to a fall, particularly for older folks.

In fact, statistics show that 4 of every 5 household falls or mishaps happen in the bathroom.

A person can avoid many of these mishaps from happening by simply replacing their tub or shower.

Why Homeowners Like Walk-In Bathtubs and Showers

Today’s walk in tub or shower is well-built, practical, accessible and relaxing.

Plus they help reduce the occurrence of slips and falls.

Can’t Use Your Old Tub? Replace It

A tub does not do you any good if you can’t feel safe using it.

If this sounds like your situation, you could explore updating your tub with one you will feel comfortable using.

What Are the Benefits of These Models?

The tub fitter is going to do the entire project in one day The main reason why these products are so popular is because they are easy to get into and get out of. A person will simply step in as opposed to climb in.

The explanation why an individual may walk into the tub is because of the swinging access door.

The user can use this door, avoiding having to lift their legs and feet over the tall side of a traditional tub.

What allows these units to work is the leak-proof seal around the door. The door is reliable enough and snug enough to keep all the water in with no leaking.

There is a built in seat with easy access to the water settings. And there are bars to hang onto when you get in or out.

Draining a big area can take a while when you are done, but newer models have faster draining abilities.

There are different proportioned units to fit into whatever size of bathroom you have (within reason). Measuring exactly can be important.

Some manufacturers offer matching trim kits which will help with appearance and make the finished job look great.

Typical Owners of These Units

The majority of people who use these are doing so because they have difficulties with a conventional tub.

Folks who are older or who simply cannot climb into a regular model are the chief users.

But these systems can make bathing easier for a lot of different people.

Get the Benefit of a Tub Contractor’s Experience

You could get some good advice on the phone. You may also set up an informational consultation if you want.

Once you have some more details, you can decide whether or not you wish to proceed further with this strategy.

Why Are These Tubs So Popular?

  • They can provide either a long relaxed soak or merely a quick bath
  • They’re safer to use than a traditional one
  • It takes away the concern of someone slipping in the shower or tub
  • One of these tubs is sometimes the only option
  • They can provide comforting relief from soreness

Safety Elements

The side walls are tall enough to keep a bather standing up. They can’t fall over the side.

They have a non-slip floor. They have comfortable textured seats.

They have a way to prevent the water from becoming dangerously hot.

There is a low threshold door for easy entry and exit.

They have extra handrails to hang onto. They don’t have a fragile shower door.

What About the Accessories and Add-Ons?

Even the most basic designs come with all the important safety features, but there are some options which can make for a more enjoyable experience. These include:

  • Wall surrounds add more enclosure height to allow for a shower option.
  • Heaters to keep the water the perfect temperature.
  • Water jets or air jets deliver hydrotherapy by moving the water around in a massaging way.
  • Enhanced drains remove the water really fast when you’re approaching the end of your bath.
  • A heated seating area or backrest allows for more comfortable soaking.
  • Hand-held shower sprayers for added flexibility.

Walk-In Tub and Shower Combination Installer

A second option would be a walk-in shower or a shower and tub combo.

A roll in shower enclosure might be the perfect option for some people.

These models have done away with the need for a door, you just walk up to the shower.

The handles are low, the shower head is adjustable in height and there is a bench to use if you want it.

The Cost – Walk-In Bathtub Prices in Santa Clara

If you want to get a new tub or shower put in, it’s easy to get an estimate for the whole project.

There will be no price surprises later. You’ll know the final cost before your job begins.

There are a number of brands and models to select from, all with various costs, characteristics and warranties.

A better manufacturer and design will often come with more functions and last longer too.

While there are a number of different manufacturers and models to check out, the dimensions of your bathroom will narrow that list down somewhat.

Even though some information can be given on the phone, it’s best if a trained specialist can stop by your home and inspect the spot where the new tub or shower will go and be sure you get the unit which is best suited to you and your space.

The procedure of Having Your Bathtub Replaced

Your part of this process is easy. Your specialist and his associates will do all the physical work.

The only thing you need to do is decide on which model to install.

Your shop and installer will bring the new system to your house, take out your old one, put the brand new one in place and make sure it’s looking good and working properly.

When those technicians drive off, you’ll have a terrific new tub or shower you can enjoy for many years.

Talk With a Top-Rated Tub Installer Near Santa Clara

Have a couple of questions? Talking with a helpful local tub installer can get those questions answered.

It’s usually hard for a homeowner to pick out the best model.

Usually the best way to go is to have a local installer take some measurements and narrow down your choices to just a more manageable number.

A phone discussion can tell you about the price ranges. An in-home discussion can help you decide for sure.

There’s no commitment whatsoever during a home meeting.

You will be left with some terrific information and some sound advice.

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