Would You Like to Have a Walk In Tub in Your San Jose Home?

Most homeowners will be able to use an old-fashioned bathtub, but they don’t work well for everyone.

You can resolve your old tub problem by upgrading to a walk-in model.

Talk to a South Bay Expert On Tubs and Showers

A bathroom could be a dangerous place. It mixes moisture with hard, slippery floors.

Moving around a shower or tub can result in slips. It happens all the time.

Almost all of the accidents that occur in the home happen in the bathroom. It’s the most dangerous room in the home.

A lot of those accidents could be averted by updating your tub or shower.

Walk In Bathtubs and Showers are Popular Around South Bay

A modern walk-in shower or tub is safe to use, stress-free, convenient, and pretty affordable.

But safety is the primary aspect for people who install these models.

Getting Rid of Your Old Tub Which You Aren’t Using Anyway

If your tub or shower isn’t getting any use because you are too worried about falls, you should do something to remedy that.

The best solution is to replace your unwanted tub with one you can actually use.

Walk In Tub Basics

The installation work requires a while to complete You no doubt know the fundamentals of these units. First, they come with a low step up in order to get into them.

There is always a hinged door the user enters the tub through. This door normally swings inward.

The entry doors are very low to the floor, so the bather does not have to swing over a tub wall. You just walk in.

The secret behind these doors are the leak-proof seals they have, which allows the water to fill up high without dripping out.

Every model includes rails to hold onto as you enter or exit. There is a molded sitting area with easy access to the water settings.

Most models have a fast draining system to speed up how fast the water is drained out once the bath is over.

Manufacturers make versions in assorted sizes, so homeowners have plenty of choices in size and options.

There are matching trim kits you can add which will give your finished project a great appearance.

What Sort of South Bay Homeowner is Installing These?

Not too many young adults put these in.

Most homeowners are older. Some folks have significant mobility troubles. Others suffer from joint soreness, excess weight or balancing problems.

But these systems can be for anyone who has trouble using a traditional shower or tub.

Talk With a San Jose Installer With Lots of Experience

Understand what your options are and set up a visit if you want to.

It’s likely one of these designs would work very well at your home. Find out which style would be best for your situation.

Main Reasons Why Homeowners Have Installed These

  • They can give you either a long full soak or just a quick bath
  • It removes the concern of someone slipping in the tub or shower
  • They offer comforting relief from aches and pains
  • Sometimes, it’s the only way a person can bathe at home
  • They’re far easier to use than an older one is

Basic Safety Elements These Tubs Have

Unlike an old-fashioned tub, they have higher walls that stop falling out.

The surfaces are textured and non-slip.

The integrated seat is textured to be anti-slip.

There are controls to keep the water from getting dangerously hot.

The door has such a minimal threshold, it can make stepping in and out very simple.

They have a couple safety rails.

They have eliminated the need for a glass or breakable shower door.

What About the Accessories?

Even the most basic models have all the important safety features, but there are several add-ons that can make for a more enjoyable experience. These include:

  • Enhanced drain units push out the water quick when you’re getting close to the finish of your bath.
  • Warmers for keeping the water warm.
  • A heated seating area or back rest enables for longer soaking.
  • Flexible shower sprayers for added convenience.
  • Water jets or air jets supply therapy by moving the water around in a soothing manner.
  • Wall surrounds add more height to allow for a shower option.

San Jose Walk In Shower Prices

One option aside from a tub could be a shower or a walk-in shower and tub combination.

A walk in shower enclosure may be the right option for some individuals.

These units don’t need a door, you just walk up to the shower.

The handles are low, the shower head is adjustable in height and there is a seating area to use if you need it.

Walk-In Bathtub Prices

It’s easy to get a cost estimate for the home.

Once you’ve chosen which design would be the right one to install, you can get an estimate that will contain all the work, the parts, the labor, everything.

There are different lengths and widths, designs and manufacturers to choose between.

Each one has a different cost and incorporates different features.

Even though there are various brands you could choose from, not all models suit all homeowners or the bathrooms they will be installed in.

Even though some information can be delivered over the phone, it’s best if a trained specialist can visit your home and check out the spot where the new tub or shower will go and be sure you get the unit that is ideal to you and your space.

What’s the Process for Replacing an Old Bathtub?

The only thing you need to do in this process is work together with your installer to determine which design you want to install.

After you accomplish that, your technician will manage all the details and the work.

Your technicians will pick up your new model, deliver it to you, set it up, test it, vacuum up any mess they made and haul away your old.

After you have your brand new tub in place, you will enjoy soothing and safe baths for years.

A Helpful Installer Near Your NorCal Suburb

You could have a question or two. You can speak with a friendly local tub installer who probably has some advice.

Your local pro wants you to select the proper brand and model for your space and your use.

They are able to work with you to pick one out.

You may call to talk with someone or you could plan an informative in-home get together.

An at-home appointment is not a sales meeting. You are under no obligation. They are happy to do it.

Northern California Areas Where Appointments and Advice Are Available

In-home consultations can be scheduled for homeowners around downtown San Jose, Burbank, Japantown, Chinatown, Buena Vista, San Jose State University and Rose Garden.

Meetings can also be scheduled in any of the suburbs such as Cambrian Park, Campbell, Cupertino, Berryessa, Edenvale, East San Jose, Evergreen, Los Gatos, Santa Teresa, Saratoga, Willow Glen, West San Jose, Milpitas, Mountain View, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale.

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