If Your Richmond CA Home Had a New Walk-In Tub – Would Life Be Easier?

An old fashioned bathtub works for most people, but it isn’t right for everyone.

If your old bathtub isn’t as easy to use as it once was, you can do something about it now.

A Friendly and Experienced Tub Installer in Oakland Might Help

A bathroom can become an unsafe place.

Combining water with smooth slick surfaces can result in falls and other accidents.

Stepping into or out of a conventional shower or tub can lead to a slip, especially for older individuals.

No area in the house is responsible for more slips than the bathroom does. It isn’t even close.

One of the best means to avoid these accidents is to replace your old tub or shower.

Homeowners Enjoy Piece of Mind With a New Tub or Shower

A modern walk-in shower or tub is safe to use, enjoyable, accessible, and pretty affordable.

But the key reason why folks get these is because they reduce the chances of slips and falls.

Why Not Put In a Tub You Will Actually Use?

You shouldn’t be worried of falling in your tub or shower.

If you are, then you should do something about it.

If possible, your best solution is to get a shower or tub you will actually feel comfortable getting into and using.

Why a Walk-In Tub?

Let's get your tub swapped outAs you probably already know, a walk-in model features a short threshold step of normally just three to seven inches.

They feature a leak-proof inward opening door.

Outward-opening doors are an alternative for those who will be moving to and from a wheelchair.

Each door is quite low to the floor, so no one has to balance on one foot and lift and swing a leg over a tub side.

What makes these models work is the strong watertight seals on the doors, which keeps water in the tub from spilling out.

Each model provides stability bars to hang onto and a suitable built in seating space.

Hand-held sprayers and other accessories can be included too.

An issue some early versions had was it took too long for the water to drain when the bath was finished.

Modern models have quick draining techniques.

These units are available in different sizes.

Measuring correctly is important to ensure the one you select fits your space.

There are optional trim kits that might help give your installed unit a totally finished appearance.

What Kind of Homeowner Benefits From These Tubs?

Seniors and people with mobility troubles are the two largest groups of purchasers and owners of these models.

But this type of system can also be great for anybody who has concerns about slips and falls while using a regular shower or tub.

North Oakland Tub Specialists Have Advice For You

You can set a fast consultation and learn all about your options.

Maybe one of these showers or tubs would work pretty great for you.

But maybe not. You can find out.

Why Are These Tubs a Good Idea?

  • Some individuals just can’t use a regular tub or shower at all
  • The chance of slips and falls is practically removed
  • They’re less difficult to use than an old fashioned one is
  • They can provide either a longer relaxed soak or simply a quick bath
  • They can offer comforting relief from joint pain

The Reasons Why These Models Are Safer Than Conventional Tubs

They have higher sides. These walls stop anyone from falling over them.

The floor is textured to prevent slipping.

They come with an integrated seat that keeps the user sitting up without sliding.

There is a sensing unit to halt the water from becoming dangerously hot.

The door has such a minimal threshold, it makes getting in and out simple.

They always have grab rails put in right where you want them.

Fragile shower doors are hazardous if you suddenly have to grab them.

These units don’t need any.

Are There Extras and Add-Ons?

A less expensive unit will arrive with all of the safety elements, but a better version will have options to make the bath even better.

Some of these options include:

  • Air jets and water jets provide hydrotherapy by moving the water around in a soothing way.
  • Heating units for keeping the water the ideal temperature.
  • Wall surrounds add additional height for a shower and tub combination.
  • A heated seat or back rest help for longer soaking.
  • Hand-held shower heads and sprayers for added versatility.
  • Enhanced drains remove the water fast when you are approaching the finish of your bath.

Richmond Walk-In Shower Installer

An additional option is a step in shower or a shower and tub combo.

For people who have difficulty moving around a regular shower, a step in shower may make all the difference.

A low entry shower will not need to have a door.

You just walk or roll into it.

The flooring is resistant to slipping.

It will have safety bars to hold on to, a bench for sitting on and easy-to-reach water controls.

Walk-In Bathtub Prices North of Oakland

If you want to get a new tub, it’s not hard to receive an estimate for the whole process.

There is no price surprise later.

You will know the exact cost before your job begins.

You get to select the caliber of the model and any accessories.

You can choose to go with a fairly typical design or you could decide to splurge a little and get a nicer one.

Your installer could have some suggestions concerning which manufacturer and systems they would recommend.

You can work with them to find the model that works best for your home.

While some info can be given on the phone, it is best if a qualified consultant can visit your house and check out the spot where the new tub or shower will go and be sure you get a model which is ideal to you and your space.

How Replacing a Bathtub Works

Your technician and his shop will handle the whole operation, from start to finish.

Your technicians will bring over your new system, take out the old shower or tub if you don’t want it any longer, put your new one in, thoroughly test it, demonstrate how it operates and clean the space up before they go.

Right after the installing guys drive off, you’ll be able to enjoy a hot, relaxing and safe bath.

A Friendly Installer In Your NorCal Suburb

Got a few questions? Speaking with a helpful local tub installer can get some of those issues answered.

It’s usually hard for a homeowner to select the best model.

Usually the best way to go is to get an installer take some measurements and reduce your choices to just two or three.

If you have a few minutes, call for a quotation and some more details.

There is no commitment with having a visit.

They are happy to do it.

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