Would a Walk In Tub Be an Improvement at Your Renton Home?

Is your old fashioned bathtub just too hard to use? Concerned about falling?

You can step up to a safer walk in tub.

Talk With a Friendly King County Tub Specialist To Get Started

Because bathrooms combine slick floors with water, they are the most dangerous room in the house.

Moving around a shower or tub can lead to slips. It takes place every day.

The majority of home slips take place in the bathroom. In fact, 80 percent of household falls take place there.

You can decide to keep your current tub or to replace it with a less hazardous model.

Installing a Walk In Tub At Your Renton Home

A modern walk in bathtub or shower is well-made, hassle-free, easy to use and enjoyable.

Plus they significantly reduce the occurrence of slips and falls.

Install a Tub You Will Actually Use

It doesn’t make any sense to keep an old tub that is too hazardous for you to use.

If that’s the case with you, perhaps your best course is to replace your old tub with one you will use.

The Basics of a Step In Tub

It will take a couple of hours to have your new model put in and hooked upThese tubs let the user to literally step in instead of needing to climb in.

They have a swinging door to get in through. This door typically swings inward, but a few models have an outward swinging door if you want it.

The door removes the need for the bather to lift their legs and climb over the side like a ordinary tub requires.

These doors have great seals on them, which keeps the water inside the tub once it is filled.

Each system comes with grab bars to grab onto whenever you enter or exit. They come with a molded seating spot with comfortable access to the water controls.

Most models come with methods to drain the water quickly when you’re finished.

There are different sizes from which to choose. They will vary somewhat in width and length and even height.

Measuring your space accurately could be significant.

You may even find matching trim kits to give the installed appearance a finished look.

What Kind of Homeowner Benefits Most From These Tubs?

The most significant section of people who use these models are seniors who are still staying in their homes.

The second main group is people who have flexibility troubles which prevent them from climbing into a standard tub.

These style of tubs make bathing easier for almost anybody.

Get More Information From a King County Tub Specialist

Let’s chat a little about your situation. If the details sound pretty good, you could book a short in-person appointment too.

Most likely, there is a design out there that will work ideal for your situation. On the other hand, maybe not. Get some advice and some tips.

Popular Benefits of These Designs

  • They will offer soothing relief from joint pain
  • They give you either a long deep soak or merely a simple bath
  • Some folks can’t use a standard tub at all
  • They’re much easier to use than a conventional one is
  • The risk of slipping and falling is virtually eliminated

All Of These Modern Tubs Have Safety Elements

The walls are tall enough to keep the user standing up. They can’t fall out.

The floor is textured to avoid slipping.

They have an integrated seat which keeps the bather seated up without sliding.

There are automatic controls to prevent the water from getting too hot.

The door is big enough and low enough to make entering and exiting effortless.

They have conveniently placed grab railings to hang onto.

They don’t come with a breakable shower door.

Common Accessories for Your Tub

Even the base models give you all the safety components, but nicer models may come with added functions which may include these:

  • Air jets or water jets deliver hydrotherapy by moving the water around in a massaging manner.
  • Flexible shower heads and sprayers for additional versatility.
  • A heated seating area or backrest supports for extended soaking.
  • Enhanced drains push out the water rapidly when you’re approaching the finish of your bath.
  • Wall surrounds add more height to allow for a tub and shower combination.
  • Heating units to keep the water the right temperature.

Walk In Shower Prices In Renton

In addition to a tub, a different solution might be a step in shower or a tub and shower combination.

A shower area you can simply walk or roll into may be the better solution to your situation.

A step-in shower won’t have a breakable door. It will be simple to walk or roll into.

It’ll have a non-slip floor, a handy chair for sitting, convenient grab bars, and water controls which are easy to reach and work.

Cost of a Walk In Bathtub In Renton

Interested in finding out how much a new unit would cost?

You may get a set estimate which will cover the full cost of the project.

Systems from different producers can vary in price due to differences in quality, dimensions, warranty and anticipated life.

Even though there are various companies you could choose from, not all designs are suited to all homeowners or the bathrooms they will be installed in.

You can get a fast estimate on the phone.

To ensure that you are getting the right model, however, an in-home consultation is always best.

Having Your Bathtub Replaced

Your installation technician will handle the complete process, from beginning to end.

Your technicians will pick up your new unit, deliver it to you, clear away your old one (when necessary), install the new one, make sure it’s running perfectly, tidy up after they’re done, and cart away anything left over.

The moment the installers drive away, you will be able to enjoy a hot, comforting and safe bath.

A Helpful Pro Near Your Seattle Suburb

You most likely have some questions. You can talk about them with a local walk in tub dealer.

You can always check out some pictures on the web, but an in-home visit is the ideal approach to make sure you get the right model.

A quick phone chat can let you know about the price ranges. An in-home meeting will let you decide for sure.

If you plan an in-home meeting, understand that you are under no obligation in the least.

It’s a solely informational get together.

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