Would You Enjoy a Walk In Tub at Your Portland Home?

An old-fashioned tub is built for lots of different people, but it’s not great for everyone.

If it’s about time to have a tub which is easier to use, you can learn what your options are.

Oregon Bathtub Companies to Give You Some Good Advice

The bathroom is normally one of the smallest rooms in the house, but it’s also one of the most dangerous.

Falls are common for homeowners stepping into or leaving a shower or tub.

Particularly for folks who have a little flexibility trouble.

Believe it or not, if you’re going to fall at your home, there is an 80% chance it will happen in the bathroom.

The majority of these accidents could be prevented by replacing your shower or tub.

A Walk-in Tub or Shower Can Help

The latest walk in tubs and showers are dependable, safe, restorative and worry free.

But the main reason why people buy these is because they eliminate slips and falls.

Install a Tub or Shower You can Actually Use

If your tub or shower isn’t getting any use because you are so worried about slips and falls, you should do something to remedy that.

If that’s the case with you, maybe your best option is to replace it with one you might use.

What is it That Makes Them Better?

Tech during a fast installation jobWhile you most likely already know, these units feature a really low step-up to get into them.

Most models have an inward opening door which you use to get in and out of.

Outward-opening doors are offered too.

The door eliminates the need for the bather to lift their legs and climb in like a standard tub requires.

The reason these models work is the door has a watertight seal on it.

Once it closes and the water level rises, no water escapes out the door.

They come with a pleasant built in seat and options for massage jets, shower heads and additional safety handrails.

Once the bath is finished, these tubs have fast-draining capabilities.

These units are available in different sizes.

Measuring accurately is important to make sure yours fits your space.

Some manufacturers create optional matching trim kits which will help with appearance and make the finished job look terrific.

Who Benefits From These Tubs?

If you’re younger and flexible, you will probably not be looking at this page.

These units are mostly for folks with mobility, balance or joint challenges.

All types of homeowners are using these type of soakers.

Get Free Suggestions From a Multnomah County Bathtub Installer

These style of models have worked well for plenty of other folks.

Maybe they might work for your home too.

It’s possible that one of these designs could work out perfect for your situation.

With a phone call, you can find out for sure.

Popular Advantages of These Units

  • They may give relaxing relief from aches and pains
  • They give you either a long deep soak or merely a simple bathing
  • A lot of people can’t use a standard tub at all
  • They’re far easier to use than an older one
  • The possibility of slips and falls is practically eliminated

Why Are These Designs Safer to Own and Use?

Unlike a regular tub, they have taller walls which stop falling out.

The floor is textured to eliminate slipping.

The seating area is adequately textured to stop slipping or sliding around.

There is a sensor to prevent the water from becoming dangerously hot.

They have a swinging entrance door enabling easy access.

They have handy railings installed right where you need them to be.

There’s no need for a fragile shower door which could break.

You Can Have Accessories to Make Bath Time Better

You can decide on a design that has some additional benefits which might make bath time easier or more enjoyable.

Here are a few of the most popular options:

  • A heated seating area or back rest help for extended soaking.
  • Heating elements to keep the water the perfect temperature.
  • Wall surrounds add additional height for a shower option.
  • Flexible shower sprayers and shower heads for additional freedom.
  • Enhanced draining units get rid of the water fast when you’re getting close to the finish of your bath.
  • Air jets or water jets produce water therapy by moving the water around in a massaging way.

Walk-In Shower Installation Near Portland

Besides a tub, another solution could be a low shower or a tub and shower combination.

An easy access shower enclosure with accessibility options may be the best solution.

These models won’t have a door. You simply walk in.

They will have a bench for sitting, easy to grasp water controls, no-slip flooring and a built in safety rail to hang onto.

Price of a Walk-In Tub Around Portland

You will receive an estimate for whichever variety of system you want to install.

And the exact final cost can be set before your unit is even delivered.

There won’t be any surprise in price at the end of the job.

Different makes and models will obviously come with different costs.

There are variations in brand, size and warranties.

Even though there are various companies you could choose from, not all models suit all homeowners or the bathrooms they will be installed in.

Although some information can be delivered on the phone, it is best if a qualified consultant can visit your home and check out the area where the new tub will go and make sure you get a unit that is ideal to you and your space.

Having Your Tub Replaced – the Process

After you choose which model to buy, your installer will handle everything from then on.

Your installer will bring the new unit to your place, remove your previous unit, put in the new one, connect it to your plumbing and be sure it’s operating great before they leave.

The moment the installing guys drive off, you’ll be able to have a hot, soothing and safe bath.

Talk With a Top-Rated Bathtub Installer Near Downtown Portland

If you believe your home might be right for this, maybe you should discuss it with a local installer who will give you the details.

It’s difficult for a homeowner to select the ideal model.

Normally the best plan is to have an expert take some measurements and narrow down all the choices down to just a more manageable number.

Just call to obtain more information or to talk about setting up an appointment.

The home appointments are stress-free and casual.

They are happy to come over and talk.

The Local Service Area

Homeowners can schedule an at-home consultation in downtown Portland, Old Town, Homestead, Chinatown, Beckman, Pearl District, and Southwest Hills.

Appointments can also be schedule in the suburbs and neighboring towns – Beaverton, Hazelwood, Cully, Happy Valley, Hillsboro, Gresham, Irvington, Maplewood – Ashcreek, Northwest Portland, Oregon City, Powellhurst, Richmond, Lake Oswego, Sellwood-Moreland and Tigard.

Find a Tub Installer Near You in These Areas:

  • Downtown Portland
  • Old Town
  • Homestead
  • Chinatown
  • Beckman
  • Pearl District
  • Southwest Hills

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