Oxnard California Walk-In Tub Choices

Is your old bathtub becoming a bit too hard to use?

If it’s time to get a tub that is safer to use, you can quickly learn what your options are.

A Helpful Bathtub Installer in Ventura County Can Help

For being relatively small spaces, bathrooms are the cause of lots of in-house mishaps.

Entering, leaving and moving around a shower or tub can lead to mishaps, especially for retirees.

Many accidents in the home take place in the bathroom. No other room comes close.

The majority of these accidents can be averted by simply changing your tub or shower.

Installing a Walk-In Bathtub at Your Oxnard Home

The newest walk in showers and tubs are really simple to get into, safe and sound, enjoyable and a good investment.

And most importantly, they greatly reduce the chance of falling.

Don’t Trust Using Your Old Tub or Shower? Get a New One

It doesn’t make too much sense to hang onto an old tub that is too risky for you to use.

You can install a new and safe tub or shower you will actually look forward to using.

What Makes These Models Different?

Removal and set up is included You probably already know a little bit about these types of tubs. To begin with, they all have a minimal threshold which make them effortless to get in and out of.

They come with a leak-proof inward opening door. Outward opening doors are a possibility for those who will be moving to and from a wheelchair.

The user can use this door, eliminating needing to lift up their feet and legs over the side of a standard tub.

These swinging doors have leak-proof sealing which keep all of the water inside the tub. There won’t be any leaks.

They have a convenient built-in seat and options for jets, shower heads and additional safety handrails.

A challenge some early models had was it took too much time for the water to drain when the bath was over. Modern models have quick draining systems.

Companies make models in various sizes, so homeowners have plenty of choices in size and options.

Manufacturers offer optional matching trim kits which will help with appearance and make the completed job look terrific.

What Type of Homeowners Are Putting These In?

If you’re younger and flexible, you will likely not be reading this. These units are mostly for persons with mobility, balance or joint problems.

All types of people are using these type of soakers.

Find Someone You Can Speak To

You can get some good advice on the phone. You can also arrange an informational visit if you want to.

It is possible that one of these versions would work really well at your house. Learn which variety is best for your situation.

Five Reasons Why These Tubs and Showers Are a Good Idea

  • They are much easier to use than an older one is
  • Lots of people can’t use a standard tub at all
  • They provide either a longer relaxed soak or merely a quick bathing
  • They give relaxing relief from discomfort
  • The possibility of slips or falls is pretty much removed

Included Safety Features Most Owners Like

The sides are high. The walls and the grab bars help keep the user upright.

They’ve got slip resistant floors.

The seat is textured to prevent sliding around.

They have temperature valves which prevent scalding.

They will have a low threshold door to allow getting in and out effortless.

They have perfectly placed stability railings.

There is no need for a moving shower door that can possibly break.

You Can Include Accessories

You can find a design which has some added benefits which might make bath time simpler or even more enjoyable. Here are a couple of the most popular options:

  • Power drain units get rid of the water really fast when you are at the finish of your bath.
  • Wall surrounds add more enclosure height for a shower option.
  • Air jets provide hydrotherapy by moving the water around in a massaging manner.
  • Flexible shower sprayers and shower heads for additional flexibility.
  • Heaters for keeping the water the ideal temperature.
  • A heated seat or backrest help for more comfortable soaking.

Oxnard Walk-In Tub and Shower Combination

Maybe you don’t really need a tub. Maybe you only need a user friendly shower.

A low entry shower eliminates some of the problems that someone with limited mobility might experience with a typical shower.

A walk in shower is simple to walk or roll into, will have a bench for sitting, has slip-resistant floors, built in safety bars and practical water controls.

Oxnard Walk In Bathtub Costs

The final cost for your installation job will be identified before the work is even begun.

There are numerous sizes, designs and brands to select from.

Every one has a unique cost and incorporates different features.

Even though there are a number of different makes and models to check out, the size of your bathroom may narrow that list down a bit.

You could arrange a simple, short visit with an expert who will discover what you are interested in and help you pick out the best model for your needs and a size that will fit perfectly in your bathroom.

No sales pressure at all.

The Normal Procedure for Installing a Tub

The one thing you have to do in this process is work together with your specialist to determine which model you want to install.

Once you do that, your installer will take care of all the details and all the work.

Your installers will bring you the new unit, disconnect and take out your old one (if that’s what you want), hook up the new one, check it out to make sure it’s working perfect, and then clean up the entire work area.

When your installation project is done, you’ll be left with a whole new tub you will be able to enjoy for many years.

Advice From a Installer in Your Santa Clara River Neighborhood

So when you’re ready to take a little action, you can call and speak with an experienced local installer.

A person might learn a some things by checking tubs on the Internet, but arranging a informative at-home meeting is the ideal way to go.

When you get a few minutes, call for a price quote and some more details.

They will gladly come over for a friendly and relaxed in-home visit.

There is no obligation on your part at all.

Southern California Homeowners Can Arrange an Appointment

Homeowners in the following areas can get an in-home consultation: downtown Oxnard, Colonia or Port Hueneme.

Installers also drive out to all the suburbs and neighboring communities – Agoura Hills, Camarillo, Moorpark, Santa Paula, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley and Ventura.

Find a Tub Installer Near You in These Areas:

  • Downtown, Colonia and Port Hueneme
  • All the nearby communities
  • All the Oxnard California suburbs

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