Upgrade to a Walk-In Tub in Oakland

Do you find yourself just needing to deal with an old tub which is too hard to use?

You could upgrade to a newer, safer step-in tub.

There Are East Bay Bathtub Companies That Could Give You Some Advice

Bathrooms shouldn’t be an unsafe place, but they are.

Folks get hurt every day as a result of slips and falls caused when they are getting into or out of tubs or showers.

More accidents happen in the bathroom than they do in the whole rest of the house combined.

One of the best strategies to avoid these falls is to replace your outdated tub or shower.

Putting in a Walk-In Tub in Your Bay Area Home

Current walk in showers and bathtubs are soothing, effortless, simple and pretty affordable.

But preventing slips and falls is the major reason why homeowners install these units.

Get a Tub or Shower You Can Use

If you aren’t using your current tub because you’re too anxious you might slip or fall, you have a choice.

If you want to, you can replace the old tub with one that you will actually use.

Why a Walk In Tub?

Working on getting this tub updatedAs you probably already know, a walk-in unit features a short threshold step of usually just three to seven inches.

They have an easy to use entry door which is merely inches off the floor.

In most designs, that door swings inward.

Each door is quite low to the floor, so no one needs to balance on one foot while lifting and swinging a leg over a tub wall.

These doors have great seals on them, which keeps the water inside the tub once after it’s filled.

Each design comes with a built-in seating space which is near the water controls.

Grab rails are suitably placed for holding onto as you get into or out.

Modern models often have quicker drains in order to get out of the tub once the bath is over.

Different makes and models differ in size.

You’ll have plenty of opportunity to pick one which fits well in your space.

There are trim kits you can add which give your finished project a great appearance.

What Kind of East Bay homeowner is Using These Tubs?

Not too many young adults put these in.

Most homeowners tend to be older.

Some folks have substantial mobility challenges.

Others experience joint soreness, excess weight or balancing troubles.

These style of tubs make bathing simpler for nearly anybody.

Speak To a NorCal Contractor With a Lot of Experience

Understand what your options are and set up a visit if you want to.

More than likely, there is a tub out there that will work ideal for your situation.

But maybe not. Get a little advice.

Some Reasons Why Homeowners Have Installed These

  • They’re so much easier to use than an older one
  • They will offer either a long deep soak or just a simple bath
  • They will provide soothing relief from discomfort
  • The likelihood of slips and falls is virtually removed
  • A lot of people just can’t use a standard tub at all

Significant Safety Features These Models Have

Unlike a conventional tub, they’ve got taller walls that stop falling out.

The floors are textured and anti-slip.

They’ve got convenient textured seats.

They have a safety aspect to prevent the water from becoming too hot.

They feature a simple door that removes the need to climb into a tub.

There are built-in railings which help steady the bather when stepping in or out or standing up.

There is no fragile shower door to be concerned with.

What About Accessories and Add-Ons?

Even the most basic designs include all the essential safety features, but there are several options which can make for a more enjoyable experience. These include:

  • Power drain units get rid of the water at high speeds when you are at the end of your bath.
  • Heaters for keeping the water heated.
  • A heated seat or back rest help for longer and more comfortable soaking.
  • Moveable shower heads and sprayers for additional flexibility.
  • Water jets and air jets provide hydrotherapy by moving the water around in a soothing manner.
  • Wall surrounds add additional enclosure height for a tub and shower combination.

Walk-in Shower Prices Near Oakland

Maybe you don’t really need a tub.

Maybe you only need a user friendly shower.

An easy to get in shower enclosure with convenient options may be the best solution.

A low-entry shower will not need to have a door.

You just roll or walk into it.

The flooring is resistant to slipping.

It has safety railings to hold on to, a bench for sitting on and easy-to-reach water controls.

Oakland Walk In Bathtub Cost

If you want to have a new tub or shower put in, it’s simple to get an estimate for the whole project.

There will be no cost surprise later.

You will know the exact cost before the job begins.

Cost varies based mostly on the quality of the manufacturer and the amount of extra options you’d like.

Warranties are fairly standard and the primary components are often under warranty for a long time.

Having to choose between numerous makers and styles is difficult.

Your installer can suggest just the models that will fit best in your space and your needs.

Then you can pick the one you want from those two or three alternatives.

While some info may be delivered over the phone, it is best if a trained specialist can visit your house and look at the area where the new tub or shower will go and make sure you get the unit that is ideal to you and your space.

What is the Process for Installing a New Bathtub?

Your part of the procedure is straightforward.

Your specialist and his associates will do all the physical work.

The one thing you have to do is pick which model to put in.

Your installer will bring you the new model, disconnect and haul out your old one (if that’s what you need), connect the new one, test it to make certain it’s working perfect, and then pick up and clean up the whole work area.

Once you have your brand new tub set up, you will benefit from relaxing and convenient baths for many years.

A Bathtub Installation Pro In Your Part of Town

So when you’re almost ready to take a little action, you should call and talk with an experienced local installer.

Because there are so many sizes and alternatives to choose from, it’s usually best to have a local pro reduce the big list down for you.

Then you can select the one you want.

If you have a few minutes, call for a price estimate and some more details.

Your home consultation will be laid back and friendly.

They’re always happy to come over and talk with you.

Local Service Area

Installations are available in downtown Oakland and the downtown neighborhoods of Waverly, Uptown, Chinatown, Civic Center, San Pablo Gateway, Ralph Bunche, Lakewide, Northgate, Old Oakland, Oak Center, and Old City.

Appointments are also ready in all the suburbs too – Alameda, Berkeley, Bushrod, Cleveland Heights, Eastmont, Emeryville, Richmond, Piedmont, Rancho San Antonio, Redwood Heights, San Leandro, Upper Rockridge, Walnut Creek and West Oakland – Prescott.

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