Would You Enjoy a Walk In Bathtub at Your Manteca Home?

Most homeowners will be able to use an old fashioned bathtub, but they do not work for everyone.

Maybe modernizing to a step-in model might be a good idea.

Talk to a Friendly Bathtub Specialist To Get Started

Tubs and showers usually aren’t very big areas, but they are the most dangerous place in the house.

Falls are common for homeowners getting into or getting out of a tub or shower. Particularly for folks who have a little mobility difficulty.

More falls occur in the bathroom than they do in the entire rest of the house combined.

A lot of those accidents could be prevented by replacing your shower or tub.

Installing a Walk-In Bathtub at Your Manteca Home

The latest walk in showers and tubs are simple to get into, safe and sound, relaxing and can be a smart investment.

But combating slips and falls is the main reason why homeowners put in these units.

Get Rid of Your Old Tub Which You Can’t Use Anyway

A tub doesn’t do you any good if you can’t feel at ease using it.

If you won’t use your existing one, you might as well explore replacing it with one you will use.

What Makes These Models Different?

The installation process takes a while to do You already know the basics of these models. Primarily, they come with a minimal step-up in order to get into them.

Every one of these models has an access door. On the majority of models, the doors swing in; outward swinging doors are available too.

A person just swings the door open and walks in. There is no need to lift a leg up in the air to climb over a high tub wall.

The reason why these models work is the door contains a leak-proof seal on it. Once it closes and the water level rises, virtually no water drips out the door.

Just about every model has a built in seat and some assistance rails to hang on to when getting in and out. There are also additional accessories available too.

These models have quick draining ability, so the water can be drained out before you want to open the door when bath time finishes.

There are different sized units to fit into whatever size of bathroom you have (within reason). Measuring precisely may be important.

Manufacturers offer matching trim kits which will aid in appearance and make the finished job look terrific.

Typical San Joaquin Users of These Units

Most people who own these are doing so because they have difficulties with a standard tub.

Folks who are older or who can’t climb into a regular tub are the primary users.

All types of people are using these kinds of soakers.

Speak To Someone Who Can Help

Discover what your choices are and set up an appointment if you want to.

It’s likely that one of these models would work out perfect for your situation. With a phone call, you can find out for sure.

Why Are These Tubs and Showers So Popular Right Now?

  • They offer either a longer serious soak or simply a speedy bathing
  • They are far easier to use than an old fashioned one
  • It removes the worry of someone slipping in the tub or shower
  • Sometimes, these tubs are the last option
  • They may give comforting relief from aches and pains

Safety Features Most Users Like

Unlike a standard tub, they have higher walls that prevent falling out.

They’ve got anti-slip floors.

The built-in seat is textured to prevent slips.

They have an anti-scalding function which stops the water from becoming way too hot.

The swinging door is big enough and low enough to make entering and exiting uncomplicated.

They have practical handrails to provide support.

No breakable shower door is required with this design.

There Are Accessories to Make Bathtime Even Better

Each brand will have the primary safety components, but better designs typically have some additions that make the experience even better. Several of these popular options may include these:

  • Heaters to keep the water heated.
  • Power drain units push out the water quickly when you are getting close to the finish of your bath.
  • A heated seating area or back rest enables for extended soaking.
  • Water jets and air jets produce therapy by moving the water around in a massaging manner.
  • Wall surrounds add additional height to allow for a tub and shower combination.
  • Flexible shower sprayers and shower heads for added convenience.

Walk In Showers for Seniors

There are walk in showers that may be better for your situation. Or possibly a unit that has a mix of the two.

A walk-in shower enclosure might be the correct choice for some individuals.

You simply walk right in to these units. There is no door which gets in the way.

The floors are non-slip, the water controls are placed conveniently, there’s a seat to use if you need.

Price Estimate for a Walk-in Bathtub in Manteca

You will get a quote for whichever kind of system you wish to install. And the final cost can be arranged before any actual work is begun.

There is no surprise in price at the end of the job.

You may put in one of the nice base models, or you might choose to choose a high-end model or one with more add-ons.

Although there are various brands from which to choose from, not all designs suit all homeowners or the bathrooms they will be installed in.

You can get a basic estimate on the phone.

To be sure you are getting the right sized model for your space, however, an in-person visit is always best.

Adding a New Bathtub – What is the Process?

Your local installer and his company will handle the complete installation process.

The technicians will pick up the unit you wanted, bring it to your house, unhook and take out your old one, put your new unit in place, hook it up and test it. The last two things they do are pick up after themselves and go recycle your old system.

After the installers leave, you’re going to be left with a terrific new shower or tub which is perfect for when you need it.

Talk With a Helpful and Affordable South Stockton Bathtub Pro

If you believe you may be suitable for this, you can talk about it with a helpful local installer who can give you the details.

An individual can learn a quite a bit by going on the Internet, but arranging a informative in-home visit is the ideal way to go.

Find out more about the different types, the price levels, or to arrange to have an in-home get together.

The home visits are friendly and low-key.

The easy-going folks you meet will ask you a number of questions, evaluate your bathroom space situation, and offer their advice.

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