Would a Walk In Tub Be an Improvement at Your Kirkland House?

If an old-fashioned tub isn’t working for you any longer – you could take care of it.

You can step up to a more reliable walk in tub or shower.

Our Area of Bothell Has Someone Who Can Help

The bathroom is generally among the smallest areas in the home, but it is also one of the most precarious.

Stepping into or out of a shower or tub can lead to a fall.

For some people, a fall won’t mean much; to others, it might bring devastating results.

About four out of five of the slips which occur in the home take place in the bathroom.

Too bad there isn’t any smart solution to this problem. Oh, wait – there is.

A Walk In Tub for Your Kirkland Home

All of the recent models provide some very nice benefits.

They are uncomplicated to install, convenient to use and popular with a lot of home buyers.

But reducing slips and falls is the primary reason why homeowners install these units.

Get a Tub or Shower You Can Use

If your tub or shower isn’t getting any use because you are so worried about slips and falls, you should do something to fix that.

If you won’t use your current one, you might as well look into replacing it with a new model you will use.

What Are the Advantages of These Models?

The tub installer is going to do the complete project quickThe main reason why these units are so popular is because they are easy to get into and get out of.

You walk in rather than climb in.

There is always a swinging door the user enters the tub through. This low door normally swings in.

Most users find these entry doors to be much easier than stepping into an old-fashioned tub.

And the door is sealed so well that it doesn’t allow any water to drip out once the tub fills up.

Almost every unit has a convenient seat and stability hand rails, plus an assortment of options that vary by model and maker.

Many models have a fast draining system to speed up how fast the water is let out when the bath is over.

Manufacturers make different sizes so homeowners can choose one that will fit in their space perfectly.

There are trim kits you can add which give your finished project a perfect appearance.

Who is Using These Tubs?

If you’re young and flexible, you will likely not be looking at this page.

These units are for individuals with mobility, balance or joint challenges.

But this type of system can also be ideal for anybody who worries about safety using a traditional shower or tub.

A Local Installer Can Give You Some Advice

During a brief phone call, you can discuss your house and these tubs and see if one of these units might work for you too.

If this looks like something which may work for you, reserve a few minutes for a phone call to look into it a little bit further.

Why Are These Tubs and Showers So Popular?

  • They can provide soothing relief from soreness
  • They provide either a long deep soak or simply a fast bathing
  • Lots of people can’t use a conventional tub or shower at all
  • They’re safer to use than a conventional one
  • The likelihood of slipping and falling is pretty much removed

The Reasons Why These Models Are Safer Than Traditional Tubs

The walls are high. The walls and the safety bars help keep the bather upright.

The floor is textured to eliminate slipping and falling.

The seat is textured to stop sliding around.

They have an anti-scalding function which prevents the water from getting way too hot.

The swinging door has such a minimal threshold, it makes getting in and out simple.

They always are designed to have safety rails which provide support when stepping in or out.

They don’t have a fragile sliding or swinging shower door to worry about.

You Can Add Options

Although even the lowest priced designs include each of the safety components, better styles often come with some optional functions which people really like.

These are six of those options:

  • Heating units to keep the water heated.
  • A heated seat or back rest enables for longer soaking.
  • Wall surrounds add additional enclosure height to allow for a tub and shower combination.
  • Enhanced draining units remove the water really fast when you’re at the finish of your bath.
  • Water jets produce water therapy by moving the water around in a massaging manner.
  • Handheld shower heads and sprayers for added versatility.

Kirkland Walk-In Shower Installation

Maybe you don’t need a tub. Maybe you only need an easy to use shower.

A shower you can simply walk or roll into may be the best solution to your specific situation.

You simply walk right in to these units. There is no door which gets in the way.

The floors are not slippery, the water controls are low, there is a bench to use if you’d like.

What Does an average Walk In Bathtub Cost?

The total cost of your new tub will be determined before any work is initiated.

You will know the exact cost.

You get to choose the grade of the model you want and any accessories.

You can decide to go with a typical design or you could elect to splurge a little and choose a nicer one.

Most folks will not have a major preference with regards to which maker to choose for their bath.

Your local specialist will help you narrow down your choices.

You will get some tips and basic cost quotes on the phone.

Before you make a decision, however, it really is better to have someone drive out to your home and make sure that you are ordering the system which is right for you and your bathroom space.

The Process of Having Your Tub Replaced

When you decide upon which model you wish to install, your local specialist will handle everything from then on.

Your technicians will bring over your new model, remove the old tub or shower if you don’t want it any longer, get your new one in, thoroughly test it, show you how it works and clean everything up before they go.

As soon as your new unit is set up, you will be experiencing relaxing, safe baths or showers for a long time.

A Friendly Professional Near Your Bellevue Suburb

If you’re thinking you may be suitable for one of these tubs or showers, you can discuss it with a friendly local dealer who can have all the details.

Since there are a variety of sizes and choices to choose between, you want to be sure you are getting one that is ideal for you and your space.

You may call and speak with someone or to plan a brief in-home meeting.

An in-home appointment is not a sales meeting.

You are under no obligation. They are happy to do it.

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