Would a Walk-In Bathtub Make Your Hillsboro Home a Safer Place?

An old fashioned bathtub could be too difficult for some folks to use.

Perhaps replacing that old one with a walk-in model might be something to consider.

Speak To a West Portland Expert On Tubs and Showers

Bathrooms shouldn’t be a hazardous area, but they are.

Slipping and falling in the bath or shower is simple to do.

And a fall for some folks can really be bad.

Accident data prove that if you fall in your own home, it will probably be in the bathroom.

You have the choice in regards to what kind of tub you’ll have in your home.

Why Oregon Homeowners Like Walk In Bathtubs and Showers

Today’s walk in bathtubs and showers are reliable, secure, relaxing, therapeutic and free from leaks.

But the key reason why folks get these is they minimize slips and falls.

There’s No Reason To Have a Tub You Won’t Actually Use

It doesn’t make any sense to keep an old tub that is too unsafe for you to use.

If you install a step in shower or tub, maybe you won’t have worry so much about falls.

Why Are They Better?

The installation job requires a few hours to doYou no doubt know the basics of these models.

Primarily, they come with a really low step in order to get into them.

They all have a swinging door to get in through.

The door typically swings inward, but a few designs have an outward swinging door option.

Each door is quite low to the floor, so nobody has to balance on one foot and lift and swing the other leg over a tub wall.

What allows these units to work is the water tight seal around the door.

The door is strong enough and snug enough to keep all the water in with no leaks.

Each model comes with a built in seat and some support rails to hang on to while stepping in and out.

There are also additional accessories available too.

Some early designs had problems with draining the water slow once the bath was over, but most modern models have faster draining systems.

Companies make different sizes so homeowners can select one that will match their space perfectly.

Many makers offer trim packages that help with appearance and making certain the tubs fit perfectly.

Who Is the Usual Purchaser of One of These Units?

Not too many young adults put these in.

Most homeowners are older.

Some folks have serious mobility issues.

Others experience joint soreness, excess weight or balancing problems.

All types of homeowners are using these type of deep tubs.

Portland Tub Specialists Have Suggestions For You

You will get some great information right on the phone.

Learn what your options are.

If this sounds like something which may work for you, reserve a few minutes for a phone call to look into it a little bit more.

Five Reasons Why These Tubs Are a Pretty Good Choice

  • The chance of slips or falls is practically eliminated
  • They are safer to use than an old-fashioned one
  • Some folks can’t use a standard tub at all
  • They will give you either a long deep soak or simply a simple bathing
  • They will offer relaxing relief from joint pain

Included Safety Features Most Owners Appreciate

They have tall walls.

These walls stop anyone from falling over them.

They come with no-slip floors.

They have a comfortable seat that isn’t too slippery.

They have temperature shut off valves that stop scalding.

They have an easy to use door which gets rid of the need to struggle into or out of a tub.

Solid hand rails are included right where you want them to be.

There is no need for a fragile shower door which could break.

Accessories and Options You Could Consider

A lower-end unit will arrive with all of the safety elements, but a better version will have functions to help make the bath even better.

Some of these elements include:

  • A heated seat or back rest helps for longer soaking.
  • Heaters to keep the water heated.
  • Wall surrounds add more enclosure height to allow for a shower and tub combination.
  • Handheld shower sprayers for added flexibility.
  • Power draining units push out the water fast when you are at the finish of your bath.
  • Water jets and air jets provide hydrotherapy by moving the water around in a soothing manner.

Hillsboro Walk-In Shower and Tub Combination

Rather than a tub, you might choose a walk-in shower, or a tub and shower combination.

A walk-in shower resolves a number of the issues that someone with reduced mobility may experience with the average shower.

In addition to simple entry, it will have a seat, grab railings, non-slip floor and easy to reach water handles.

What it will not have is a breakable shower door.

Cost Estimate for a Walk-in Tub Near Hillsboro

As soon as you and your installer decide on which brand you want to install, you will know your precise closing cost before any work is even initiated.

You can purchase a low-cost base design or go for a better unit.

Some of the nicer systems have features which are really popular.

Because there are a few brands and models to choose from, some homeowners have trouble deciding.

Often the best solution is to have your local installer recommend a couple of different models and you can select the one you like the best.

You can receive a lot of information over the phone.

But all installers advise an in-home discussion before you order to be certain the model you buy will be the best option for your house.

Putting in a New Bathtub – What is the Process?

When you determine which design to buy, your installer will take care of all the details from then on.

Your shop and installer will bring the new system to your house, remove your old one, set the brand new one in place and be sure it’s looking good and working perfectly.

Once the installers drive away, you will be able to have a warm, soothing and safe bath.

A Forest Grove Area Specialist You Can Get Advice From

Got questions or worries? You can have most questions addressed with a short call.

If you’re thinking one of these tubs is a reasonable choice, your next step is to arrange a brief at-home visit to make sure.

A phone call will let you know whether or not this is something you want to pursue. You’ll find out fast.

They would be happy to stop by for a friendly and helpful in-home meeting.

There is never any obligation on your part.

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