Would You Like a Walk In Bathtub in Your Hayward Home?

Is your old-fashioned tub just too hard to use? Concerned about slipping and falling?

You could fix your old tub problem by upgrading to a walk in model.

A Friendly East Bay Tub Installer Has Some Good Advice

It can be a rather serious issue. Bathrooms are easily the most dangerous room in your home.

Slipping and falling in the bath or shower is simple to do. And a fall for some folks can definitely be bad.

Nearly 4 out of 5 of the falls that take place in the home take place in the bathroom.

A person can prevent many of these accidents from happening by replacing their shower or tub.

Buying a Walk In Bathtub for Your Hayward Home

Current walk in tubs and showers are reliable, secure, relaxing, therapeutic and leak-free.

But the biggest benefit with these models is they are safer to use than a regular one.

There Is No Good Reason to Have a Tub You Won’t Actually Use

A tub does not do you much good if you can’t feel relaxed using it.

If this sounds like your situation, you could consider updating your old tub with one you will feel safe using.

How Does a Walk In Tub Work?

The tub fitter will perform the complete job The key reason why these products are so popular is because they are easy to get into and get out of. A person will simply step in rather than climb in.

They each have an easy to use entry door which is merely inches above the floor. In most models, this door swings inward.

Each door is low to the floor, so no one has to rest on one foot while lifting and swinging a leg over a tub side.

The door is sealed so well that it doesn’t allow any water to trickle out once the tub is full.

Every version has a built-in seating area which is near the water controls. Safety rails are conveniently positioned for holding onto as you step in or out.

When bathtime is over, many of today’s better designs have a way to drain the water quicker than older models did.

Specific makes and models differ in dimensions. You will have a lot of opportunity to pick one which fits well in your space.

You can even get an optional matching trim package to give your new installation a great, custom look.

Who is Using These Types of Tubs?

Most of the people who have these units are senior citizens.

But other groups who use one include folks with reduced mobility, balance difficulties, weight issues or joint pain.

But one of these models could also be suitable for anyone who has concerns about using a conventional tub or shower.

Find Someone You Can Speak With

Understand what your choices are and set up a meeting if you want to.

You will probably like owning one of these kinds of tubs or showers. It’s easy to find out a little more about them.

Why Tri-City Homeowners Are Putting These In

  • The likelihood of slipping and falling is practically eliminated
  • They’re easier to use than an older one is
  • They can provide soothing relief from aches and pains
  • Some folks just can’t use a conventional tub at all
  • They will give you either a long serious soak or simply a fast bath

Why These Units Are More Reliable Than a Traditional Tub

High walls keep the user from falling out of the bath and to the floor.

The flooring is textured and no-slip.

They have no-slip seating with a gentle textured surface.

They have temperature valves which prevent scalding.

They have a low threshold door to allow getting in and out easy.

They always are built to have hand rails which offer assistance when stepping in or out.

They do not have a breakable shower door.

Accessories and Options You Might Consider

While all brands come with all the necessary safety benefits, some models have additional upgrades which some folks really enjoy. Six of the most common enhancements include these:

  • Wall surrounds add more enclosure height for a shower option.
  • Heating elements to keep the water the ideal temperature.
  • Air jets or water jets supply hydrotherapy by moving the water around in a soothing way.
  • Power drains get rid of the water fast when you are getting close to the finish of your bath.
  • A heated seat or back rest help for longer soaking.
  • Flexible shower sprayers and shower heads for added flexibility.

Walk In Tub and Shower Combination Installation in Hayward

You may decide that a walk in shower is the best solution for your house.

An easy entry shower enclosure with convenient options might be the most practical solution.

These showers do not have swinging or sliding doors. You just walk right in.

The flooring is all no-slip surfaces. You will have someplace to sit and stability bars to hang onto when you want.

Cost of a Walk In Bathtub Near Hayward

Interested in learning how much a new system would cost?

You can get a fixed estimate which will handle the complete expense of the project.

There are a variety of brands and models to choose from, all with different costs, features and warranties.

A better brand and model will often have more functions and last longer.

Even though there are different companies from which to choose from, not all designs are suited to all homeowners or the rooms they will be installed in.

Basic details and general quotes can be given on the phone, but an in-person visit is truly the safest route to take.

How Does a Tub Replacement Work?

Your technician and his shop will handle the complete process, from beginning to end.

Your small work crew will bring over your new system, remove the old tub or shower if you don’t want it now, get your new one in, check it out, show you how it operates and clean everything up before they go.

Right after the installers leave, you’re going to be left with an awesome new shower or tub that is perfect for when you want it.

Schedule a Short Appointment in Your NorCal Neighborhood

You may have a question or two. You should speak with a helpful local tub installer who likely has some advice.

A person might learn a quite a bit by going on the Internet, but setting up a brief at-home visit is the safest safest route to take.

Simply call for more information and set up an appointment if you feel comfortable.

If you plan an in-home meeting, understand that you are under no obligation in any way.

It’s a solely informational visit.

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