Would You Like to Have a Walk-In Tub in Your Gresham Home?

Have you concluded your present bathtub has become a little too difficult to use?

You can step up to a safer walk-in tub.

Maybe a Qualified Bathtub Installer in Oregon Can Provide a Little Advice

Bathrooms shouldn’t be a dangerous place, but they can be.

Getting into, exiting and moving around a shower or tub can lead to accidents, especially for seniors.

In fact, reports reveal that 4 of every 5 home slips or mishaps happen in the bathroom.

Too bad you have to keep on using the same old shower or tub.

Oh, that’s right, you do have a choice.

A Walk In Tub or Shower Can Help

Any one of these brand-new models provides some nice benefits.

They are safe and easy to use, and they can end up being a wise investment.

But the biggest feature of these models is how they prevent slips and falls.

Get a Tub You Will Actually Use

You shouldn’t be worried of falling in your tub or shower.

If you are, then you should do something about it.

If possible, your best option is to get a shower or tub you will actually feel secure getting into and using.

How Your Walk In Bathtub Works

The old unit is going out & newer one going inThe key reason why folks prefer these tubs is the user can easily step into them.

There is no need to climb into them.

Every one has a watertight door which usually opens in.

A few models may come with an outward opening door if you need one.

These entry doors mean the user doesn’t have to swing their legs and feet up and over the side of a conventional tub.

The doors have reliable watertight seals around them so no water ever spills out.

Nearly every model features safety railings to hang onto and a convenient built-in seating area.

Hand held shower heads and other accessories are available.

These tubs have fast draining capability, so the water will be drained out before you want to open the door when bathtime is over.

They deviate in height, length and width.

Different sizes are available to fit in any size space or need.

You can even get an optional trim package to give your installation a perfect appearance.

Who Is the Average Buyer of One of These Models?

The majority of the homeowners who install these units are older.

Some people have mobility issues.

Others put up with joint pain, excess weight or balance issues.

But anyone who has trouble with a conventional tub could enjoy these.

Speak To Someone Who Can Help Out

Let’s talk a little bit about your situation.

If the details sound pretty good, you can set up an information appointment too.

It’s likely that owning one of these tubs or showers would benefit you.

If you think the concept sounds interesting, you can always pursue the concept.

Top Reasons Why People Around Portland Install One of These Models

  • They will deliver either a long deep soak or just a simple bath
  • Some individuals just can’t use a conventional tub or shower at all
  • They may give soothing relief from discomfort
  • They are far easier to use than an old fashioned one is
  • The chance for slips or falls is pretty much removed

What Are the Significant Safety Features?

The walls are tall.

The walls and the safety bars keep the bather upright.

The floors are textured and anti-slip.

The seat is textured to avoid slips and slides.

They have anti-scalding controls to stop unhealthy spikes in water temperature.

The door is wide enough and low enough to make going in and out easy.

They have properly positioned stability railings to grab onto.

No delicate shower door is needed with these designs.

What About The Handy Accessories and Options?

Even the basic designs have the essential safety features, but there are several options which can make for a more enjoyable experience.

These include:

  • Wall surrounds add additional height for a shower option.
  • Air jets deliver aerotherapy or hydrotherapy by moving the water around in a massaging way.
  • Hand-held shower heads and sprayers for additional freedom.
  • A heated seat or back rest enables for more comfortable soaking.
  • Enhanced draining units push out the water at high speeds when you are at the finish of your bath.
  • Heating units for keeping the water comfortable.

Walk In Tub and Shower Combinations

You could determine that a walk-in shower is a better solution for your home.

A low entry shower has functions that a standard shower does not have.

They have very easy entry and exit, a safety chair or seating to allow for either a standing or seated shower, non-slip floors, safety bars and easy to reach on/off controls.

Price of a Walk In Bathtub Near Gresham

The total cost for your installation will be identified before the work is started.

There are lots of models manufacturers on the market, all with different prices and available accessories.

Warranties, however, are rather general.

Most of the main parts have a limited lifetime warranty.

There are a few manufacturers you could choose.

Your local installer has worked on some of them before.

He or she will have top tips that can help you out in reducing your choices to a shorter list.

You can receive some tips and typical price estimates on the phone.

Before you make a final decision, however, it truly is best to have someone stop by your home and make sure you are getting the system that is best for you and your space.

Installing a New Bathtub – What is the Process?

Your specialist and his staff are going to handle the whole process.

You will have the final say on which unit to buy and install, but once you do that, your job is done.

Your specialist will pick up your brand new unit, deliver it to your house, take out your old one (if needed), put in the new one, make sure it’s operating correctly, tidy up after they’re done, and haul away anything left over.

As soon as that new tub is connected, you are going to start enjoying enjoyable, safe baths for years to come.

A Friendly Specialist In Your Multnomah County Neighborhood

When you are ready to get started, talking with a helpful local bathtub supplier will get your questions resolved.

You can always check out some tub pictures on the Internet, but an at-home meeting is the ideal way to make sure you get the suitable model.

Just call to obtain more facts or to go over setting up an appointment.

If you schedule an in-home appointment, understand that you are under no obligation at all.

It is a purely informational visit.

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