A Walk In Bathtub in the Fresno Area

A conventional bathtub works well for some people, but it isn’t right for everyone.

If your old bathtub isn’t as easy to use as it used to be, you can do something about it now.

A Central Valley Bathtub Installer Has Some Pretty Good Advice

Bathrooms shouldn’t be a hazardous place, but they can be.

Getting into or out of a tub or shower may result in a slip and fall. For many people, a fall won’t mean much; to others, it can have devastating results.

In fact, data reveal that 4 of every 5 home slips or accidents occur in the bathroom.

Too bad you have to keep using the same old shower or tub. Oh, that’s right, you have a choice.

Installing a Walk In Tub at Your Fresno Home

Any of the latest walk-in tubs or showers is safe to use, relaxing, simple to operate and a sound investment.

And most importantly, they reduce the risk of falling.

Replace Your Old Tub Which You Aren’t Using Anyway

You don’t have to just tolerate the fear of falling in your tub or shower. You can do something about it.

If you can’t use your existing one, you might as well check into replacing it with one you will use.

What Makes These Models Different?

Detaching and connecting the new one The great feature of these tubs is they allow the user to just walk in and out.

A person can easily get into these kinds of tubs because you can use the swinging access door to enter and exit.

By using this door, there’s no need to lift a leg high off the floor, putting a person off balance.

These swinging doors have water tight sealing which keep all of the water inside the tub. There won’t be leaks.

There are convenient hand rails to hold on to as you get in or get out. The seat is built in and the faucet settings are easy to reach.

When bath time concludes, most of today’s improved models have a way to drain the water faster than older models did.

While many tubs are generally about the same general size, they all vary somewhat in height, length and width. Making certain you get the right size might be important.

Some manufacturers offer optional trim kits which will help with appearance and make the finished job look terrific.

Characteristics of the Typical Fresno Buyer

If you’re young and flexible, you will probably not be reading this. These units are for people with mobility, balance or joint challenges.

But this style of system can also be ideal for anyone who has concerns about slips and falls using a traditional shower or tub.

Find Out More From a Local Tub Specialist

You could call and discuss your house and whether this looks like it might work for you.

It’s likely that one of these designs could work out really great for your situation. You can find out for sure.

Reasons Why Folks Put in a Walk In Tub or Shower

  • Some seniors and others can’t use a conventional tub at all
  • The risk for slipping and falling is virtually removed
  • They are so much easier to use than a conventional one
  • They give you either a long serious soak or simply a simple bathing
  • They can offer soothing relief from aches and pains

Reasons Why These Designs Are Safer Than Regular Tubs

The walls are tall to prevent the bather from falling out.

They have non-slip floors.

They have a textured seat that isn’t too slippery.

There is a sensing unit to halt the water from becoming way too hot.

They have a leak-proof swinging door for entry and exit.

They come with railings put in right where you need them.

They do not need a flimsy shower door which could break if you grab onto it.

What About Some Accessories and Options?

Every manufacturer will include the basic safety components, but top-rated models typically have some additions which make the experience even better. A number of those popular options include these:

  • Heating elements for keeping the water the perfect temperature.
  • Wall surrounds add more enclosure height for a standing shower option.
  • Water jets or air jets deliver water therapy by moving the water around in a massaging way.
  • Moveable shower sprayers and shower heads for added convenience.
  • Enhanced drain units remove the water really fast when you are getting close to the end of your bath.
  • A heated seating area or backrest allows for extended soaking.

Fresno Walk-In Shower Installer

Maybe you will decide that the best choice for your house is a walk in shower.

A low entry handicap shower has a number of handy features a typical shower doesn’t have.

Along with very easy exit and entry, it has a chair or seating option, anti-slip floor, built in safety bars and easy to get on and off controls.

Cost of a Walk In Bathtub in Fresno

When you determine which brand to put in, you will know the entire cost before the project is started. No surprises.

There are a number of models and brands to choose from, all with various prices, features and warranties.

A better brand and design will generally have more features and last longer too.

While there are a variety of different makes and models to look at, the dimensions of your bathroom may narrow that list down somewhat.

Even though some info may be given over the phone, it’s best if a qualified consultant can visit your house and inspect the area where the new tub will go and make sure you get a model which is ideal to you and your space.

What is the Process for Installing a New Bathtub?

When you choose which model you want to put in, your local specialist will be in charge of all the details from then on.

Your technician will get your new unit, bring it to your house, take out your old one (if necessary), set up the new one, check it’s working correctly, tidy up after they’re done, and cart away anything left over.

As soon as the technicians drive off, you will be able to have a warm, relaxing and safe bath.

Talk To a Friendly Pro in the Central Valley

So when you’re ready to take a little action, you can call and talk with an experienced local installer.

If you’re thinking getting one of these tubs or showers is the right solution, the next step is to arrange a brief at-home consultation to make sure that it is.

Just call to get more information or to discuss setting up an appointment.

If you plan an in-home appointment, understand that you are under no obligation in the least.

It is a purely informational get together.

Local Areas Where Appointments and Advice Are Available

If you live near downtown Fresno or the Central District – please call when you have a moment.

Installers also pay visits to homeowners in all the suburbs too – Edison, Herndon, Fresno State area, McLane, Roosevelt, Tower District, West Fresno, Woodward Park, Clovis and Madera.

Find a Tub Installer Near You in These Areas:

  • Downtown Fresno CA
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