A Walk In Bathtub Estimate in Fremont

Are you just putting up with an old tub that is hard to use?

Maybe modernizing to a step-in model would be a good decision.

A Qualified Bathtub Installer Can Offer a Little Advice

The bathroom is usually among the smallest areas in the home, but it’s also the most dangerous.

People get hurt each day by slips and falls caused when they are getting into or out of shower or tubs.

In fact, statistics show that 4 of every 5 home slips or accidents take place in the bathroom.

Too bad you have to keep on using the same old shower or tub. Oh, that’s right, you do have a choice.

A Walk In Shower or Tub Can Help

The new step-in tubs and showers are simple to order and set up, fun and convenient to use, and popular with many home buyers.

But controlling slips and falls is the main reason why homeowners put in these units.

There’s No Reason To Have a Tub or Shower You Won’t Use

It’s not necessary to live with the fear of slipping in your tub or shower. You can do something about it.

If you want to, you might substitute the old tub with one which you will actually use.

How Does a Walk-In Tub Work?

Let's work on getting this tub swapped out As you probably already know, a walk in unit has a short threshold step of usually just three to seven inches.

They each have a simple to use access door which is merely inches off the floor. In most designs, that door swings in.

Each door is low to the floor, so nobody needs to balance on one foot and lift and swing the other leg over a tub wall.

The secret behind these doors are the watertight seals they have, which allows the water to fill up high without dripping out.

Each model has a built-in, anti-slip seat area. There are useful railings to hold onto when you need them.

Draining these substantial units used to take too long, but modern designs have faster draining systems to hurry that process up.

The different units deviate in height, width and length. Different sizes are available to fit any size space or need.

Many makers offer trim packages that help with appearance and making certain the tubs fit perfectly.

Who Is the Usual Purchaser of One of These Systems?

Well, not many young adults put these in. Most homeowners tend to be older.

Some folks have mobility issues. Others experience joint pain, unwanted weight or balancing troubles.

These style of tubs make bathing simpler for almost anybody.

Speak To an East Bay Installer With Lots of Experience

These particular models have proved helpful for lots of other individuals. Perhaps they might work for your home too.

If this looks like something which might work for you, put aside a few minutes for a telephone call to investigate it a little bit further.

Top Benefits of These Tubs

  • They will offer comforting relief from pain
  • The likelihood of slips and falls is practically removed
  • They give you either a longer full soak or simply a speedy bath
  • Some people can’t use a conventional tub at all
  • They are safer to use than a traditional one

Safety Features Most Users Appreciate

The walls are tall to keep the user from falling out.

They have slip-resistant surfaces.

The integrated seat is textured to be non-slip.

There are automatic controls to stop the water from becoming too hot.

They have an inward or outward swinging door for simple access.

They come with safety railings at all the necessary spots.

They do not have a fragile shower door.

Common Options for Your Tub

Every model comes with all the necessary safety features. But other types may offer options that you might enjoy or need. Some of the most included options are the following:

  • Warmers to keep the water heated.
  • Wall surrounds add more enclosure height for a tub and shower combination.
  • Air jets deliver water therapy by moving the water around in a massaging manner.
  • Handheld shower sprayers for additional versatility.
  • Enhanced draining units remove the water quickly when you are nearing the end of your bath.
  • A heated seat or back rest allows for longer soaking.

Walk In Shower Installer in Fremont

Rather than a tub, you might go with a low entry shower, or a tub and shower combo.

A walk in shower enclosure may be the ideal choice for some people.

You just walk right in to these units. There is no door to worry about.

The floors are not slippery, the water controls are placed conveniently, and there is a bench to use if you’d like.

Cost of a Walk-In Bathtub Around Fremont

It’s simple to get a price quote for your house.

Once you’ve decided which brand would be the right one to put in, you will get a quote that will contain all the work, the components, the labor, everything.

You can decide on the grade of the model and the accessories.

You could decide to go with a fairly standard design or you could elect to splurge a little and choose a nicer one.

Many Tri-City homeowners will have a short list of choices when selecting which brand or style to put in.

Most folks look for some help and advice when choosing.

You can get a typical estimate on the phone.

To make sure you are getting the right model for your space, however, an in-person consultation is usually best.

Getting Your Tub Installed – the Process

After you pick which style you want, your technicians will tackle the entire job from that point on.

Your small work crew will truck over your new system, take out the old tub or shower if you don’t want it now, put your new one in, run it to test it, show you how it works and then clean the area up before they go.

Right after the installing guys drive off, you will be able to enjoy a hot, comforting and safe bath.

An East Bay Pro You Can Get Advice From

Got a couple of questions? Speaking with a helpful local installer can get those questions answered.

Because there are so many sizes and brands to pick from, it’s usually best to have a local pro narrow the list down for you.

Then you can pick the final one you want.

If you have a couple of minutes, call for a quotation and some more details.

An in-home meeting does not bear any obligation at all. We are happy to provide them.

Fremont Homeowners Can Plan an Appointment

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