Get Your Elk Grove Home a New Walk In Bathtub

Is your old fashioned tub just too hard to use? Concerned about slipping and falling?

If your old tub isn’t as easy to use as it used to be, you can do something about it now.

Veteran Bathtub Installers South of Sacramento Have Some Advice

For being relatively small rooms, bathrooms are the cause of lots of in-home accidents.

Entering into or out of a shower or tub can result in a fall. For some people, a fall won’t add up to much; to others, it can bring devastating effects.

Most household falls occur in the bathroom. In fact, 80% of household falls take place there.

Updating your shower or tub could eliminate most of these types of accidents.

Installing a Walk-In Tub At Your Elk Grove Home

A contemporary walk in tub or shower is well-made, convenient, accessible and enjoyable.

But the major feature of these models is how they avert slips and falls.

Can’t Trust Using Your Old Tub? Get a New One

It’s not necessary to live with the worry of falling in your shower or tub. You can do something about it.

If you can’t use your current one, you might as well look into replacing it with one you will use.

The Fundamentals of a Step-In Tub

It takes several hours to have your new unit put in and hooked up These tubs allow the user to simply walk in rather than needing to climb in.

There is a low door to go through. This door usually swings in, but a few designs have an outward swinging door.

The entry doors are low to the floor, so the bather does not have to climb over a tub side. You merely walk in.

What makes these models work is the strong water tight seals on the doors, which keeps water in the tub from trickling out.

Each version has a built in seat and some assistance bars to hang on to when stepping in and out. There are also additional accessories available too.

Draining the water from a big area can take a while when you are finished, but better models have accelerated draining capabilities.

Models can differ length, width and height. Measuring correctly is critical in order to get one that exactly fits your space.

The makers offer optional trim packages which help with appearance and making certain the tubs fit perfectly.

Who Is the Usual Purchaser of One of These Units?

The majority of the folks who have these units are seniors.

But other groups who use one include folks with limited mobility, equilibrium difficulties, weight issues or joint pain.

But these systems can make bathing easier for a lot of different individuals.

Receive the Benefit of a NorCal Tub Installer’s Experience

You will get some great info right over the phone. Find out what your options are.

If it looks like you might benefit from having one of these at your home, you might look into it a little further. Set up a phone call or perhaps an in-home meeting.

People South of Sacramento Give These Reasons Why They Picked a Walk In

  • They give soothing relief from pain
  • They are much easier to use than an old fashioned one
  • Sometimes, it’s the only way a person can bathe at home
  • They provide either a longer relaxed soak or simply a speedy bathing
  • It takes away the fear of someone slipping in the tub or shower

Why These Units Are More Reliable Than a Traditional Tub

The sides are tall. The sides and the safety bars keep the user upright.

The floor is textured to get rid of slipping.

The seat is textured to avoid slipping.

They have a device to prevent the water from attaining scalding points.

They have a swinging entrance door allowing for easy access.

Sturdy hand railings are installed right where you want them.

There is no delicate sliding or swinging shower door to worry about.

What About The Accessories and Options?

While even the most inexpensive models include each of the safety features, nicer models usually have some optional functions which some folks really like. These are six of those add-ons:

  • Power drain units get rid of the water quick when you’re nearing the finish of your bath.
  • Wall surrounds add additional height for a shower and tub combination.
  • Heating units for keeping the water the right temperature.
  • A heated seat or back rest allows for longer soaking.
  • Air jets and water jets produce hydrotherapy by moving the water around in a soothing manner.
  • Flexible shower heads and sprayers for added flexibility.

Elk Grove Walk In Tub and Shower Combination

You could decide that a walk-in shower is a better solution for your house.

A low entry handicap shower comes with a few handy features a regular shower doesn’t have.

It has easy exit and entry, a safety chair or seating for either a seated or standing shower, non-slip floors, safety bars and easy to reach on/off controls.

Elk Grove Walk In Bathtub Prices

You will get an estimate for whatever kind of system you want to install. And the final cost will be set before your unit is even delivered.

There is no surprise in price at the conclusion of the project.

Total costs which include installation will vary between models for several reasons.

The key factors in cost are model dimensions, general quality and warranty.

Most homeowners do not have a big preference when it comes to which producer to choose for their bath.

Your consultant can help you focus your choices to a short list.

You can call and get a free and no-pressure quote on the phone.

An in-home visit is generally advised, however, to make sure that you are looking at the correct system and size for your home.

How Does a Tub Replacement Work?

The one thing you need to do in this process is work together with your specialist to determine which model you would like to invest in.

Once you accomplish that, your specialist will take care of all the details and the work.

Your specialist will pick up your new system, deliver it to your house, set it all up, thoroughly test it, clean up any mess they made and take away your old.

As soon as the installers drive away, you will be able to have a warm, comforting and safe bath.

Talk With a Friendly Pro in the Laguna Neighborhood

Got questions or worries? You probably do. You can get many questions answered with a short call.

There are so many sizes and alternatives to select from, it’s better to have a local pro narrow the big list down for you.

Then it’s easier to pick the final one you want.

Find out more about the different designs, the price ranges, or to arrange to have an in-home get together.

There is no commitment with having a visit. They are happy to do it.

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