A Walk In Tub at Your Burbank House

A conventional bathtub can be too difficult for some folks to use.

You can upgrade to a step in tub.

Get Some Advice From a San Fernando Valley Tub Installer

For being relatively small rooms, bathrooms are the cause of a lot of in-house injuries.

Going into, exiting and moving around a tub or shower can lead to accidents, especially for retirees.

Accident statistics prove that if you are going to fall in the home, it will most likely be in the bathroom.

You now have the choice as to what sort of tub you will have in your home.

Burbank Walk-in Bathtub Installation

A modern walk-in shower or tub is safe to use, relaxing, accessible, and pretty affordable.

But safety is the most important aspect for those who buy these models.

Put in a Tub You Can Use

If you are so worried about slipping or falling in the shower or tub that you stopped using them, you need to do something.

The solution is to replace your traditional tub with one you can actually use.

The Basics of a Step-In Bathtub

Let's get rid of the old model The primary reason why individuals prefer these models is the user can just walk into them. You don’t have to step up and climb into them.

It is simple to get into these tubs because they can use the low, swinging access door to easily enter and exit.

The user simply walks through this low door into the tub, as opposed to swinging their legs and feet over the side of a standard tub.

The doors have formidable watertight seals around them so no water ever spills out.

There are handy hand rails to hang onto as you get in or get out. The seat is built in and the water controls are easy to reach.

Many models include solutions to drain the bath water quickly when you’re finished.

They differ in height, width and length. Different sizes are available to fit in any size of space or need.

There can be optional matching trim kits which might give your installed unit a totally finished appearance.

Who Uses These Types of Tubs?

The two biggest groups of people who add these units are individuals who have some mobility issues and senior citizens.

But this type of system can also be perfect for anybody who has concerns about safety using a traditional tub or shower.

Get More Info From a Southern California Tub Specialist

You can get some tips on the phone and set up a short appointment at some handy time if you want.

If it seems like you might benefit from having one of these, you could look into it a little more. Start a phone call or an at-home visit.

Reasons Why a New Walk-In Shower or Tub Is a Good Idea

  • They give you either a long full soak or simply a simple bathing
  • They give soothing relief from aches and pains
  • The likelihood of slipping and falling is virtually eliminated
  • They are so much less difficult to use than an older one
  • Many people can’t use a standard tub at all

Why Are These Models Safer to Use?

The walls are high. The walls and the grab bars help keep the bather upright.

They’ve got anti-slip surfaces.

They have anti-slip seats with a gentle textured surface.

They have a method to prevent the water from getting too hot.

They have a low threshold door to make getting in and out easy.

They are designed to have safety rails which offer assistance when stepping in or out.

They do not require a fragile shower door that might break.

Options and Accessories You May Think About

While even the most economical designs come with all the safety features, nicer models usually have some optional functions which people really like. These are six of those options:

  • Water jets and air jets supply water therapy by moving the water around in a massaging way.
  • Wall surrounds add additional height to allow for a shower option.
  • Warmers for keeping the water comfortable.
  • Moveable shower heads and sprayers for added versatility.
  • Power draining units get rid of the water quickly when you are at the finish of your bath.
  • A heated seat or back rest enables for longer soaking.

Walk-In Shower Installation

You could decide that a step in shower is a better solution for your home.

A walk-in shower unit might make all the difference between having the capacity to take a shower or not.

You just walk right in to these units. There is no door to worry about.

The floors are not slippery, the water controls are placed conveniently, there’s a bench to use if you’d like.

Burbank Walk In Tub Cost Estimate

As soon as you and your installer select which model you would like to put in, you’ll know your precise closing cost before any work is even initiated.

You can select the caliber of the model you want and any accessories.

You could decide to go with a fairly conventional style or you could decide to splurge a little and choose a nicer one.

Having to choose from numerous makers and styles is hard. Your installer can suggest just the models that will work best in your space and your needs.

Then you can choose from those two or three choices.

Although some info can be given on the phone, it’s best if a qualified specialist can stop by your house and inspect the area where your new tub will go and make sure you get a model that is best suited to you and your space.

How is a New Tub Installed?

Your technician and his crew will handle the complete operation, from beginning to end.

Your installer will pick up your new system, deliver it to your house, set it all up, test it, vacuum up any mess and haul away your old.

Right after the installers leave, you’re going to be left with a terrific new shower or tub that is perfect for when you want it.

A Helpful Installer In San Fernando Valley

When you are ready to begin, talking with a helpful local bathtub dealer will get your questions addressed.

It’s best to schedule a brief, complimentary home visit to identify your requirements and determine your space.

A phone discussion can let you know about the different price ranges. An in-home appointment will let you decide for sure.

The home meetings are friendly and low-key.

The friendly folks you meet will ask you a handful of questions, check out your bathroom situation, and offer their advice.

Local Neighborhoods Where Appointments Are Available

Appointments are available from Bob Hope Airport to Glendale and from Wildwood Canyon Park to Universal City, including Toluca Woods and Toluca Lake.

Appointments can also be made in the suburbs and nearby areas such as Canoga Park, Encino, Chatsworth, Lake Balboa, North Hollywood, North Hills, Northridge, Panorama City, Pacoima, San Fernando, Sun Valley, Reseda, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Van Nuys, West Hills, Winnetka, and Woodland Hills.

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