Would You Like to Have a Walk In Bathtub in Your Berkeley Home?

Is your traditional tub just too difficult to use? Concerned about slipping and falling?

You could step up to a safer walk-in tub.

There is a Helpful North Oakland Bathtub Installer Who Can Help

Tubs and showers usually are not very large areas, but they are the most unsafe place in the house.

Accidents are common for homeowners entering or leaving a tub or shower.

Particularly for folks who have a little mobility trouble.

Most of the slips that occur in the home take place in the bathroom.

It’s the worst room in the house.

Replacing your shower or tub could do away with many of those types of accidents.

A Walk In Bathtub for Your Berkeley Home

All of the top models supply some very nice benefits.

They are straightforward to set up, simple to use and favored by a lot of home buyers.

But the most important element of these models is they are safer to use than a traditional one.

Can’t Trust Using Your Old Tub or Shower? Get a New One

In case you are too worried about slipping in the shower or tub to actually use them, you can correct that worry.

If you want to, you can substitute the old tub with one which you might actually use.

How Are These New Tubs Different?

The package fitter will do the entire project as fast as he canThe primary reason why these units are so popular is because they are easy to get into and get out of.

A person will simply walk in rather than climb in.

They’ve got a low door to go in through.

This door normally swings in, but a few models have an outward swinging door if you want it.

The bather simply enters through this low door into the tub, instead of swinging their legs and feet over the side of a traditional tub.

The magic behind these doors are the water tight seals on them, which allows the water to fill up high without dripping out.

Every version comes with a built in sitting area which is near the water controls.

Grab rails are suitably installed for holding on to while you get into or out.

The better models usually have quicker drains in order to walk out of the tub as soon as the bath is over.

You may select which model you want and which size will fit your space the best.

Different models will differ somewhat in height and length and width.

Some suppliers have optional trim which you can add that might give your model a better, more custom look.

Who is the Typical Buyer Here in the East Bay?

Seniors and individuals with mobility issues are the two primary groups of buyers and owners of these models.

But one of these models could also be suitable for anyone who has concerns about using a conventional shower or tub.

Get the Benefit of an Oakland Tub Contractor’s Experience

A short phone call can give you some pretty good advice.

Once you have most of the basic details, you can decide whether or not you want to proceed further.

Top Reasons Why People Around the East Bay Install One of These Models

  • They will give you either a longer serious soak or just a speedy bathing
  • It removes the concern of someone slipping in the shower or tub
  • They can give relaxing relief from discomfort
  • One of these tubs is sometimes the only option
  • They are less difficult to use than an old-fashioned one is

Some Reasons Why These Designs Are Less Risky Than Old Fashioned Tubs

Unlike a standard tub, they have higher walls that prevent falling out.

They come with no-slip surfaces.

The integrated seat is textured to be not slippery.

They have a method to stop the water from becoming too high a temperature.

They have an inward or outward swinging door for easiest access.

Reliable hand rails are included right where you might need them.

There is no breakable swinging or sliding shower door to worry about.

Common Accessories for Your Tub

Each model includes all the important safety attributes.

But some types include options that you might enjoy or even need.

A number of the most requested options are the following:

  • A heated seating area or backrest enables for longer and more comfortable soaking.
  • Heating elements for keeping the water the right temperature.
  • Wall surrounds add additional height to allow for a shower option.
  • Hand held shower sprayers and shower heads for additional flexibility.
  • Power draining units remove the water rapidly when you are approaching the finish of your bath.
  • Air jets or water jets produce hydrotherapy by moving the water around in a soothing manner.

Walk-In Shower and Tub Combination Installer Near Berkeley

Maybe the smartest choice for your home is a walk-in shower.

Or perhaps you really want a product which offers both tub and shower options.

A low entry shower fixes some of the problems that someone with restricted mobility may experience with a standard shower set up.

A low entry shower will not need to have a door.

You just roll or walk into it.

The floor is resistant to slipping.

It has built in safety railings to hold onto, a bench for sitting on and easy-to-reach water controls.

Berkeley Walk In Tub Cost Estimate

You can get an estimate for putting in a new model.

The number on the estimate will include the entire job cost, from start to finish.

Different makes and models will obviously come with different costs.

There are differences in brand name, dimensions and warranty information.

There are various manufacturers and styles to choose from, but, most likely, they all won’t work in your bathroom.

The specialist who visits your home will realize what you need and which designs would work best for you.

You can get a typical quote on the phone.

To be sure you are receiving the right sized model for your space, however, an in-person visit is always best.

How Bathtub Purchasing Works

Your specialist and his staff will handle the total process.

You will have the last word on which model to put in, but once you do that, your job is done.

Your specialist will deliver the new system to your home, take out your old unit, install the new one, hook it up to your plumbing and make sure it’s operating great before he leaves.

Once that new tub is connected, you will start enjoying soothing, safe baths for many years.

Get Some Good Advice From a Friendly Pro

Questions or concerns? You probably do.

You can get many questions cleared up after a short call.

It’s best to set up a short, free home visit to determine your requirements and calculate your space.

If you have a few minutes, call for a quote and some more information.

Your in-home visit will be laid back and casual.

They’re always happy to drive over and talk with you.

The Local Service Area

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