An Estimate For a Walk-in Tub Near Bellevue WA

Have you concluded that your current tub has become a little too difficult to use?

You can upgrade to a step in tub.

WA Tub Companies That Can Give You Some Good Advice

For being such small areas, showers and bathtubs can result in a lot of problems.

Getting into, leaving and moving around a tub or shower can lead to accidents, especially for seniors.

In fact, data shows that 4 out of 5 home slips or mishaps take place in the bathroom.

If you replace your tub or shower, you could avoid the majority of these types of accidents.

Western Washington Homeowners Relax With a New Tub or Shower

All of the recent models supply some terrific benefits.

They are uncomplicated to put in, simple to use and popular with a lot of home buyers.

But safety is the most important aspect for people who install these models.

Not Using Your Current Tub? Get One You Can Use

A tub does not do you any good if you don’t feel comfortable using it.

If you install a low step-in tub or shower, maybe you won’t have to worry about falls.

Are They Better Than an Old Fashioned Tub?

Experienced removal and installation is includedMaybe you already know a little about these kinds of tubs. First, they each have a small threshold which make them easy to get into.

They come with a watertight inward opening door. Outward opening doors are an option for those who will be moving to and from a wheelchair.

This door gets rid of the need for the user to lift their legs and climb over like a typical tub requires.

These doors have special water tight seals on them which prevent the water inside from dripping out.

Each version has a built in seating space that is close to the water controls.

Railings are suitably positioned for hanging on to while you get in or out.

Draining a big area can take a while when you are finished, but better models have faster draining abilities.

Companies provide versions in different sizes, so homeowners have plenty of choices in size and options.

There are additional trim and accessories to make sure your new unit looks good in your space.

Who Is Buying These Anyway?

If you’re younger and flexible, you are likely not reading this.

These units are mostly for persons with mobility, balance or joint concerns.

All sorts of people are using these type of soakers.

Someone You Can Speak To

You can get some decent advice on the phone. You can even book an informational appointment if you want.

If it sounds like you might benefit from one of these, you could investigate a little more. Start a quick phone call or schedule a short in-home visit.

Five Reasons Why These Tubs Are a Pretty Good Choice

  • It removes the concern for someone slipping and falling in the tub or shower
  • They may offer soothing relief from discomfort
  • For some people, it’s the only way they can bathe at home
  • They’re so much less difficult to use than an old fashioned one
  • They can provide either a longer full soak or a fast bathing

Reasons Why These Designs Are Safer Than Traditional Tubs

The high sides keep the user upright if they temporarily lose their balance.

The flooring is not slippery like a regular tub is.

They have anti-slip seating with a gentle textured surface.

They have an anti-scalding function which prevents the water from getting way too hot.

The swinging door has such a minimal threshold, it can make getting in and out very simple.

They always are manufactured to have safety rails which provide assistance when getting into or out.

They have removed the need for a glass or breakable shower door.

You Can Also Include Accessories

Each model comes with all the essential safety features.

But some models include options that you might really like or even need. Some of the most requested options are the following:

  • Wall surrounds add additional enclosure height to allow for a shower option.
  • Heating elements to keep the water the perfect temperature.
  • Jets produce hydrotherapy by moving the water around in a soothing manner.
  • Enhanced drains remove the water really fast when you’re approaching the end of your bath.
  • A heated seating area or backrest helps for longer and more comfortable soaking.
  • Moveable shower sprayers for additional freedom.

Bellevue Walk-In Shower Prices

In addition to a tub, another strategy could be a low-entry shower or a shower and tub combination.

A step in shower enclosure which is simpler to use than a regular shower may be a good option.

They have very easy entry and exit, some kind of chair or seating to allow for either a standing or seated shower, anti-slip flooring, safety bars and simple to grab on and off controls.

Cost of a Walk-in Tub In Bellevue

Wondering how much a new model would cost?

You may get a fixed estimate which will handle the entire cost of the project.

You can decide on the grade of the model you want and any accessories.

You could decide to go with a rather conventional model or you could elect to splurge a little and choose a nicer one.

Most folks will not have any major preference with regards to which manufacturer to select for their bath.

Your specialist can help you narrow down your choices to a short list.

Primary details and general estimates can be given on the phone, but an in-home visit is truly the safest path to take.

The Process of Having Your Bathtub Replaced

Your technician and his crew will handle the whole operation, from start to finish.

The installers will get the model you wanted, deliver it to your house, unhook and take out your old one (if necessary), get your new unit in place, hook it up and test it. The final two things they do are clean up after themselves and go recycle your old system.

After your new tub is connected, you will be experiencing enjoyable, safe baths for a long time.

An East King County Area Pro You Can Get Advice From

When you are ready to start, speaking with a helpful local bathtub supplier will get your questions addressed.

A person might learn a some things by looking at tubs online, but organizing a informative in-home visit is the best safest route to take.

A quick phone chat can tell you about the different price ranges. An in-home appointment can help you decide for sure.

Your home consultation will be stress-free and helpful.

They are always happy to come out and speak with you.

WA Homeowners Can Plan an Appointment

If you live in downtown Bellevue, or the central neighborhoods of Beaux Arts Village, West Bellevue, Meydenbauer, Clyde Hill, Medina, Hunts Point, Enatai or the 98005, 98039 or 98004 zips – just call.

Appointments are also available in all the suburbs – Bothell, Kirkland, Crossroads, Eastgate, Mercer Island, Lake Hills, Lakemont, Overlake, Redmond, Somerset, Bridle Trails and Wilburton.

Find a Tub Installer Near You Serving These Areas:

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