Would a Walk In Bathtub Make Your Home a Safer Place?

An old-fashioned tub is fine for lots of people, but it’s not suitable for everyone.

If it’s getting too hard to use your current tub, maybe it is time to find a solution for it.

A Local Company Can Replace Yours With a Great New Model

A bathroom may become an unsafe place. Combining water with smooth slick surfaces can result in accidents.

Stepping into or out of a traditional shower or tub can result in a fall, particularly for older folks.

Should you fall at home, there’s a 4 out of 5 chance it will be in the bathroom.

The majority of these falls could be averted by merely replacing your tub or shower.

Walk-in Showers and Tubs Remove These Difficulties

All of the top models provide some terrific benefits. They are straightforward to set up, easy to use and favored by many home buyers.

But people install these units to eliminate slips and falls. That’s the main reason for their popularity.

Why Keep An Old Tub You Can’t Use?

If you’re too concerned with slipping in the shower or tub to even use them, you can solve that worry.

If possible, the best option is to install a shower or tub you will actually feel secure getting into.

Why a Walk-In Bathtub?

Tub removal and replacement has started

The big feature with these units is the low threshold for stepping into them. They’re simple to get into and out of.

They each have a simple to use access door which is only inches off the floor. In most designs, that door swings in.

A user simply opens the door and walks in. There isn’t any need to lift a leg up in the air to climb over the tall side of a tub.

What enables these units to work is the water tight seal around the door. The door is reliable enough and snug enough to keep all the water in with no leaks.

There are practical hand railings to grab on to when you get in or get out. The seat is built in and the water handles are easy to reach.

These tubs have fast draining capability, so the water will be drained out before you open the door when bathtime finishes.

There are different proportioned units to fit into whatever size of bathroom you have (within reason). Measuring exactly may be important.

Coordinating trim may be available to make sure your unit fits into and looks good in your bathroom space.

Typical Buyers of These Units

A large number of homeowners who install these are seniors. But folks who suffer from joint pain or have weight issues, balance difficulties or limited mobility are also putting them in.

But one of these systems could also be good for anyone who has concerns about using a regular tub or shower.

Speak To a Local Installer With Plenty of Experience

Find out about what your options are and set up a meeting if you want to.

It’s possible you’ll really like having one of these kinds of showers or tubs. You can find out a little more about them.

Five Reasons Why These Tubs Are a Good Choice

  • They will give you either a long full soak or merely a fast bath
  • It takes away the concern for someone slipping in the shower or tub
  • They offer comforting relief from joint pain
  • One of these tubs is sometimes the only option
  • They’re safer to use than a traditional one

Why These Units Are Safer Than a Conventional Tub

High walls prevent the user from falling out of the bath and to the floor.

They’ve got no-slip surfaces.

They come with textured anti-slip seats so there is no sliding around.

They have a system to prevent the water from getting to hot scalding levels.

The door is wide and low enough so no climbing is required to get in or out.

They have conveniently placed grab railings to hang onto.

They have removed the need for a glass or breakable shower door.

What About The Accessories and Options?

While all models come with all the essential safety benefits, some models have additional upgrades which some folks really enjoy.

Six of the most common upgrades include these:

  • Water jets and air jets supply aerotherapy or hydrotherapy by moving the water around in a soothing manner.
  • Enhanced drains get rid of the water really fast when you’re at the finish of your bath.
  • Wall surrounds add more height for a standing shower option.
  • Warmers for keeping the water the perfect temperature.
  • A heated seat or back rest supports for extended soaking.
  • Hand-held shower sprayers for added versatility.

Walk-In Tub and Shower Combination Installer

Maybe you will decide that the best option for your house is a walk in shower or shower and tub combo.

For people who have difficulty getting into a conventional shower, a walk in shower could make a huge difference.

A step-in shower won’t have a breakable door. It will be simple to walk or roll into.

It’ll have a slip-resistant floor, a handy bench for sitting, safety bars, and water handles which are easy to reach.

Walk-In Bathtub Prices

It’s simple to get a cost estimate for your house.

Once you’ve chosen which brand would be the best one to install, you can get an estimate which will contain all the work, the parts, the labor, everything.

Products from different producers may vary in cost because of differences in overall quality, dimensions, warranty and expected length of life.

Although there are numerous brands you could choose from, not all models fit all homeowners or the rooms they will be installed in.

Even though some info may be given over the phone, it’s best if a trained specialist can stop by your home and check out the area where the new tub will go and be sure you get a unit which is ideal to you and your space.

The Typical Procedure for Putting in a Bathtub

Your technician and his shop will take care of the total operation, from beginning to end.

Your technicians will bring you the new model, disconnect and take out your old one (if that is what needs to be done), connect your new one, check it out to make sure it’s working perfect, and then clean up the whole area.

Once the installation project ends, you will have a good, convenient tub you may enjoy for years.

Find a Top-Rated Bathtub Installer

A local installer has completed a lot of installations before.

They will probably know the answers to your questions.

It’s usually hard for a homeowner to choose the ideal brand for their space. Usually the best plan is to have a local installer take some measurements and narrow down your choices to just two or three.

A phone discussion can tell you about the price ranges. An in-home discussion will help you decide for sure.

There is no commitment whatsoever to a home appointment.

When it’s over, you will be left with some great information and some sound advice.

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